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Faculty as Preceptors (Policy FP-05)

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Effective Date

Fall 2017

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

Faculty, select staff, and School of Nursing Administration Team.

Scope and Audience

All full-time faculty members in the School of Nursing.

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

To define the process and faculty responsibilities when acting as a preceptor for a student from another department, college, or university.

2. Policy Statement

Faculty wishing to act as a preceptor to a student either from within the university or from another program/college/university must complete (or work with the student to complete) the following prior to the student being allowed to attend courses/ clinical. This process may take a considerable amount of time and should therefore, be initiated as early as possible.

  1. Communicate with the student’s program to ensure the faculty’s role is fully articulated and learning objectives are well defined.
  2. If student being precepted is assigned to a clinical facility that requires a My Clinical Exchange (mCE) account for student and faculty, ensure the student is aware of this requirement. Please contact a member of the Clinical Operations team for new account sign-up instructions for both student and faculty, and to obtain a list of all requirements necessary to ensure compliance.
  3. Request approval to act as preceptor from the Chief Nurse Administrator of the School of Nursing. The request must include course objectives, program curriculum, syllabi and course descriptions, and the Preceptor Agreement.
  4. Time in the role of Preceptor falls under service for tenure and promotion consideration.

If approved, the Preceptor Agreement will be sent to the School of Nursing contracts manager to ensure affiliation agreement is in place.

The faculty and student will:

  1. Complete the “Preceptor Checklist” verifying health requirements, background checks/drug testing and any other requirements deemed necessary have been completed, are on file with the student’s institution, and are easily available upon School of Nursing request. These requirements are to be specified in the “Preceptorship Agreement”.
  2. Discuss and have the student sign the School of Nursing “Confidentiality Statement”.
  3. Create a calendar, showing when the student will be in the Norco Building and when and where they will be in clinical settings. Meet with staff assigned to track internal preceptorships.

Assigned staff will send completed Preceptor Agreement and forms to the designated person at the student’s college or university and copies to faculty and student.

3. Forms

Preceptor Agreement Checklist

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Last Review Date


Revision History

Fall 2017, July 2020, 4/1/2022