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Post-tenure Review of Faculty (Policy FP-08)

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Effective Date


Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

SON Divisional Dean (DD), SON Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator (ADD/CNA), SON Faculty, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Scope and Audience

Post-tenure SON Faculty.

Additional Authority

State Board of Education Policy, Section II.G., BSU: Periodic Review Of Tenured Faculty (Policy 4380)

1. Policy Purpose

To define the method of post-tenure faculty review in the SON.

2. Policy Statement

Per Policy 4380 and State Board of Education Policy Section II.G, the performance of each tenured faculty member must be reviewed by the faculty members of their respective department or equivalent unit, and the department chairperson or unit head. On notification of necessary review, the ADD/CNA will utilize the process outlined below to satisfy the requirements of the aforementioned policies.

3. Process

  1. Upon notification of a periodic review for a tenured faculty, the ADD/CNA will request an updated CV and a letter from the faculty explaining their service, teaching, and scholarship since the last review/date of appointment to rank.
  2. Upon the receipt of the documents, tenured faculty are polled. The ADD/CNA submits the summarized results of the poll, a letter of recommendation, and the Boise State University Report of Performance Review to the College of Health Sciences Dean, in accordance with processes outlined in Policy 4380 3.1.2 Review Standards.

Related Information

State Board of Education Policy, Section II.G.

BSU: Periodic Review Of Tenured Faculty (Policy 4380)

CHS: None

SON: None

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Revision History

3/8/2022, 3/14/2022, 4/1/2022