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Student Representatives (Policy SON-09)

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Effective Date

Spring 1986

Last Revision Date

August 2022

Responsible Party

Students and faculty in the School of Nursing.

Scope and Audience

Students in the School of Nursing.

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

Describe the participatory role of the School of Nursing student representatives in the following:

  1. Leadership positions/activities on teams and committees
  2. Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Simulation Center Assistants
  3. Student Ambassador or Student Representative

2. Policy Statement

Description of Students’ Role

In order for School of Nursing students to serve in any of the above capacities the following requirements must be met:

  1. Students in leadership positions in any Boise State University organizations will be required to maintain at least a 3.0-B average in their nursing classes and be making satisfactory progress in their clinical performance or project coursework.
  2. Students in leadership roles who are exhibiting poor performance in academic or clinical classes will be asked to step down by the Associate Divisional Dean, unless extenuating circumstances apply.
  3. An annual evaluation may be conducted with the student.
  4. Feedback regarding the student’s academic performance may be requested from course and/or clinical faculty.

All eligible students be elected by peers, volunteer, be appointed to serve on a committee or team, or be hired into a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Simulation Center Assistant, Student Ambassador or Student Representative.

Students who attend Committee/Team meetings as a Student Representative are responsible to:

  1. Develop a mechanism for soliciting student input and providing information after meetings to the students they represent
  2. Send agenda items to the team/committee leaders as appropriate
  3. Be an active committee/team member and communicate with the team/committee leader regarding committee/team issues
  4. Maintain professional behavior at all times and in all communication.

Description of Committee/Team Leader’s Responsibilities

  1. The chair of each committee/team is responsible for orienting student representatives to the function and processes of the team/committee. Orientation includes:
    1. a. Description of the School Bylaws, including that student representatives are non-voting members of School of Nursing Committees, and
    2. Discussion of committee objectives
  2. Agendas and minutes are sent to student representatives.

Students who are hired for school positions: Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, or Simulation Center Assistant

  1. Are oriented by the designated faculty or staff member.
  2. Are responsible for turning in their time worked as directed when due.



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Last Review Date

August 2022

Revision History

Spring 1986, Spring 2017, October 2021, April 2022, August 2022