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Nursing Procedure Practice (Policy PREL-02)

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Effective Date

Spring 2016

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator (ADD/CNA) of the School of Nursing (SON),  SON Progression Governance Team, Students and SON Faculty.

Scope and Audience

Students enrolled in the Pre-licensure Track in the School of Nursing.

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

To provide guidance for students to practice nursing procedures.

2. Policy Statement

Students may practice non-invasive procedures like health assessment on each other in the simulation learning center or skills laboratory. The student’s right to privacy will be honored. Faculty will make sure other students follow the same guidelines used in clinical agencies to protect the student’s privacy.

Certain procedures are unsuitable or potentially dangerous for students to practice on each other. These procedures include but are not limited to: genitourinary assessment, injections (e.g., IM, SubQ, etc.), IV start, nasogastric tube insertion, nasal/oral suctioning, and urinary catheterization.

Students may practice invasive procedures in the simulation learning center or skills laboratory only on mannequins and task training equipment or particular skill practice. In clinical settings, students may perform invasive procedures under direct supervision of the faculty or a registered nurse on a patient who has a therapeutic need for the procedure.

Students may not practice any invasive procedures on each other, instructors or teaching assistants, preceptors, lab personnel, standardized patients or anyone else under any circumstance. No syringe/needles will be distributed for student use without faculty supervision. Violation of this policy may result in student failure of the involved nursing course and possible dismissal from the Nursing Program.

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Last Review Date


Revision History

Spring 2016, Summer 2020, 4/1/2022