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Registered Nurse License (Policy RNBS-01)

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Effective Date

Fall 2008

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

School of Nursing administration and staff, RN-BS faculty and students.

Scope and Audience

Students enrolled in the RN-BS Completion Track.

Additional Authority

CHS: Dismissal Policy

1. Policy Purpose

Students enrolled in the RN-BS Completion Track complete two practice experience projects where they work independently under faculty guidance (NURS-RN 417 and 425).  It is mandatory that students possess and maintain an unencumbered RN license in the state they will be developing and implementing their projects.  Students are responsible for notifying the RN-BS Program Director and their advisor within 48 hours of any licensure changes. 

2. Policy Statement

Pre-licensure Courses:

These courses can be taken by all RN-BS students (pre-licensure, dually enrolled or post licensure): NURS-RN 350 Transitions in Nursing, HLTH 280 Statistics (or any other statistics course), NURS-RN 392 Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, NURS- RN 416 Community and Population Health Nursing, NURS-RN 424 Leadership and Management, NURS-RN 420 Policy, Power and Voice, NURS-RN 422 Care Coordination and Resource Management, NURS-RN 428 Nursing Roles in Healthy Aging, NURS-RN 496 Independent Study and Elective Courses ex: NURS-RN 430 Palliative Care, NURS-RN 430 Child Maltreatment, NURS-RN 430 Substance Use and others as identified by academic advisor.

Post-licensure Courses:

These courses require RN licensure verification, during the semester prior to enrollment, in order to register: NURS-RN 417 Community and Population Nursing Lab, NURS-RN 425 Leadership and Management Lab, NURS-RN 400 Inter-professional Capstone, and NURS-RN 432 Preparing for Graduate Education.

Students must hold a current unencumbered RN license in the state where they plan to develop and implement their projects for NURS-RN 417 and 425. Pre-licensure students who are dually enrolled must work closely with their academic advisor(s) to ensure that they do not register for a course requiring RN licensure. All students are responsible for notifying the RN-BS Program Director and their academic advisor of any changes in their current RN licensure status or state of residency immediately. Failure to comply with RN licensure requirements will result in dismissal from the program.

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Related Information

BSU: None
CHS: Dismissal (Policy 315)
SON: Dismissal (Policy SON-16)

Last Review Date


Revision History

Spring 2011, July 2020, July 2021, April 2022, October 2022