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Undergraduate Readmission (Policy UG-04)

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Effective Date

Spring 2017

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

Divisional Dean and Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator, Pre-licensure Program Director, RN-BS Program Director, Pre-licensure faculty and students, RN-BS faculty and students.

Scope and Audience

Students in the Pre-Licensure Program who are applying for readmission and have not completed the first semester of the nursing program successfully and students in the RN-BS Completion Track who are seeking to return.

Additional Authority

If applicable, include governing State Board of Education and University policies, federal and state laws, and any other governing authority. 

1. Policy Purpose

To describe the process and establish priorities for readmission of Pre-licensure students who have not yet completed their first semester in the nursing program and RN-BS students after one calendar year has elapsed.

2. Policy Statement

Pre-licensure Readmission

  1. Readmission is determined on an individual basis and is contingent on eligibility for either readmission or progression as determined by the Divisional Dean (DD), Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator (ADD/CNA), and the Program Director and is on space availability in the cohort.
  2. Applications for readmission will be considered on a case by case basis if a student has been dismissed for unethical behavior, conduct issues, or has failed to meet the requirements stated in the Undergraduate Progression Policy.
  3. If the Program curriculum has changed since the first acceptance, the student will need to meet the most current curriculum requirements.
  4. Students who have not successfully completed the first semester in the nursing program must reapply for admission with all other potential applications. No preference is given to students previously admitted.
  5. All scoring is based on the applicant pool at the time of reapplication for admission.
  6. Readmission is at the discretion of the DD, ADD/CNA, and the Program Director. If a student is in the appeals process, the student will not be able to progress in the program.
  7. The School of Nursing may have fiscal or instructional limitations that may affect space availability.

RN-BS Readmission

  1. To be eligible for readmission the student will complete a new application and pay the application fee.
  2. Advisor will determine what courses the student needs. (This may result in changes to the plan of study).
  3. The Program Director will approve all requests for readmission on a space available basis prioritized according to the following groups:
    1. Returning students who left the program in good academic standing.
    2. Returning students who have demonstrated progression in the program with no more than one calendar year from last enrollment date.
    3. Returning students that left the program for academic reasons such as failing courses in the program, or violation of any School or university policies.
  4. Students selected from qualified groups will be ranked within their grouping according to nursing GPA. If two or more applicants are equally qualified for limited readmission into the RN-BS Completion Track, a random selection will be used.
  5. The School of Nursing may have fiscal or instructional limitations that may affect space availability.

Readmission Based on Positive Drug and/or Alcohol Test

Readmission to the program may be considered, at the discretion of the program, depending on the circumstances of the positive drug test. Factors to be considered include when in the course of the Student’s program the positive drug test occurred, whether criminal charges were involved, how it was discovered and whether it impacted or caused harm to others. If the Student wishes to be readmitted to the program after a positive drug test result, the Student must comply with the procedures set forth in this policy. Future participation in Clinical Activities is dependent on the length of time needed for the rehabilitation process, space availability and the clinical site’s willingness to accept the student after rehabilitation, as described below.

  1. The Student will be required to undergo a professional evaluation by the Counseling Center or a mutually agreed upon independent, counselor/provider with experience in drug and alcohol treatment, or other specialty as indicated by the circumstances, for evaluation and treatment, at the student’s expense. Where a treatment plan is prescribed, the student must complete the treatment prescribed by the approved counselor at the student’s expense. Upon completion of the treatment plan, the student must provide documentation from the counselor/provider that the student has complied with the recommendations of the counselor/provider and submit to the program as part of the readmission process.
  2. As a component of the readmission process, the Student may, depending on the circumstances, be permitted to take a second drug screen within seven (7) days of the original drug screen.
  3. If the counselor reports that the student successfully completed the treatment plan and is ready to engage in Clinical Activities, the student will be tested with a new drug screen at the Student’s expense. If the Drug test is positive, the Student will be dismissed from the Program. If the Drug test result is negative, the student will be eligible to reapply for admission to the program depending on space availability and acceptance by clinical sites.
  4. In addition to the above items, readmission to the program may include several conditions, including (a) written verification of self-disclosure from the student to clinical site partners regarding the prior program suspension/dismissal, (b) cooperation with any requirements of the clinical partner’s policies, (c) Dean of Students Policy and Code Review/Reflective Paper activity, and (d) a letter to the Department chair/Divisional Deans stating all conditions/requirements have been met and outlining plan for success in the program.
  5. Because of the time that is required to complete treatment and testing, it is possible that the Student will be delayed and/or need to re-work his/her plan of study with an academic counselor. After a student has completed the required treatment plan prescribed by the health care professional, has a negative Drug screen, has been accepted by a Clinical site and is participating in Clinical Activities, unannounced drug testing may occur periodically, either randomly, or based on reasonable suspicion, until the student graduates from the Program or as required by the clinical agency.
  6. The program director will notify the student of the designated time and place for the drug screening which will be completed, at the student’s expense, on the day of notification. If a positive Drug screen occurs, or if the student fails to complete a drug test as requested or otherwise fails to comply with any portion of this policy, the student will be dismissed from the Program.

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Spring 2017, May 2019, August 2020, April 2022, July 2022