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Graduate Progression (Policy GRAD-02)

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Effective Date

May 2017

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

School of Nursing Graduate Program students, faculty, and staff.

Scope and Audience

Students enrolled in the School of Nursing Graduate Programs.

Additional Authority

BSU: Graduate College Catalog, CHS: Dismissal Policy, SON: Dismissal Policy

1. Policy Purpose

Progression in the Boise State University DNP and AGNP programs is based upon the successful completion of course and program objectives. This policy describes conditions for successful progression and steps to be taken if students are unable to progress due to withdrawal, academic reasons, and/or dismissal.

2. Policy Statement

Courses in each semester of the program are designed for achievement of increasingly complex learning objectives. Students in the DNP or AGNP program will progress through the curriculum upon successful completion each semester of all course objectives.

Within the curriculum, most courses are sequential and must be taken in order. Students are responsible for monitoring their progression and ensuring progression requirements are met.

To progress in the DNP/AGNP Program, the student must:

  1. Maintain a minimum passing grade of “B” in all required courses. DNP Program: Successfully “Pass” each DNP clinical course with a minimum of 83% (3.0).
  2. Adhere to standards of conduct set forth in the School of Nursing student handbook including nationally accepted nursing practice standards and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics (2015).
  3. Adhere to all Boise State University Statement of Shared Values, Student Code of Conduct, Graduate College, College of Health Sciences Statement of Shared Values, School of Nursing, and program policies.
  4. Complete and/or renew health requirements by renewal deadline.
  5. Maintain professional conduct, patient safety, current and unencumbered nursing license, and legal-ethical behavior, including following policies in any partner clinical organizations.

Students who withdraw in the first semester of their program without completing the semester, for any reason, must apply again for admission (see Readmission and Re-entry Policy).

  1. If the student wishes to “drop a class” or “withdraw” from a course, refer to the Boise State University Graduate College Catalog and Policies.
  2. Students who withdraw from or voluntarily stop progression in the DNP program after completing the first semester will be eligible for re-entry or readmission as outlined in the Readmission and Re-entry Policies. This may result in additional program costs.

Students who receive a failing grade or a grade of B- or lower in a required nursing course:

  1. Will not progress and will be placed on Academic Probation by the Boise State University Graduate College.
  2. Will be given the option to develop a plan for academic success and meet with the program director to review that plan. The plan will include:
    1. Steps taken to resolve factors related to the unsatisfactory grade
    2. Description of what the student has done to maintain currency in nursing knowledge and skills at the competency level required to pass previous coursework
    3. A detailed plan and timeline for successful completion of the program (see Readmission and Re-entry policy)
  3. Will be given only one opportunity to retake only one course to achieve a grade of 83% or better, depending on space availability. AGNP Program: Students who receive a failing grade (a grade less than 83%) in one co-requisite course are required to retake both courses concurrently in a later semester an achieve a grade of 83% or better in both courses before progression can be achieved. (Corequisite courses are, NURS 534 and 535, NURS 536 and 537, NURS 538 and 539, NURS 542 and 543, and NURS 544 and 545.)
  4. Will not be eligible to progress in the program until a course grade of 83% or better has been received in the course that was repeated.
    1. Repeated course failure or failure of a second required course will result in dismissal from the program and ineligibility for re- admission.
    2. A student may be dismissed from the DNP Program at any time for:
      1. Academic dishonesty
      2. Breach of professional ethics, conduct, and/or practice standards
      3. Unsafe clinical practice
      4. Impairment related to substance abuse
      5. Failure to maintain a current, unencumbered RN license
      6. If dismissed, the student will receive a grade of “F” in all nursing courses in which they are currently enrolled and will be ineligible for re-admission.
      7. A student may appeal an academic action, sanctions for misconduct, and/or dismissals.

All requirements for a master’s/doctoral degree (including courses completed at another college or university) must be started and completed within an interval as outlined in the Boise State University Graduate College Catalog and policies.

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Revision History

May 2017, October 2018, July 2019, July 2020, July 2021, 4/1/2022