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AGNP Academic Integrity Policy (Policy AGNP-03)

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Effective Date

Fall 2023

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

AGNP Students

Scope and Audience

Students enrolled in the AGNP Program

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

To outline the policy and process for perceived academic misconduct when students utilize the ProctorU Record+ Academic Testing Center.

2. Policy Statement

The AGNP Program uses the university’s established contract partner, ProctorU Record+ which includes artificial intelligence for proctoring tests.

Process for Reviewing Flagged Submissions

If a student is flagged by ProctorU Record+ for potential academic misconduct, the recording is reviewed by a member of the Academic Testing Center. After the ATC reviews the recording, they make a determination of whether it was a false trigger or whether the faculty of record needs to review it for potential academic misconduct (cheating).

The faculty member will meet with the student to discuss the and review the flagged event. If the faculty member’s assessment of the potential incident finds the student responsible for cheating they will submit a report of their finding of responsibility to the Dean of Students for additional review.

If a student is found in violation of academic integrity policies, the AGNP Program will require the student to pay for live proctoring via ProctorU Live+ for the remainder of their time in the AGNP program. Additionally, there may be other sanctions placed upon the student by the Dean of Students.

When students cheat more than once, the university responds to their behavior with a Sanctioning Board Hearing, which can result in suspension or dismissal from the university. Programs hold their own standards for dismissal. More information can be found in Section 8 of the Student Code of Conduct.

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4. Related Information

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Last Review Date


Revision History

July 2023