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Student Nurses’ Association

Boise State University Student Nurses’ Association (BSUSNA) is one of eight school chapters in the state of Idaho that make up the Idaho Nursing Students Association (INSA).  INSA is affiliated with the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).  Membership with the NSNA grants a student membership with INSA and BSUSNA.  Participation in these organizations will help prepare students for future involvement in the American Nurses Association (ANA) once students have graduated and become a Registered Nurse.

BSUSNA aids in the professional development of nursing students by providing programs on current nursing and health care issues, encouraging participation in community health promotion and educational activities, and representing nursing students to consumers, nursing faculty, and institutions.  Above all, it is nursing students helping, sharing, and learning with other nursing students.

Membership is open to all pre-nursing and nursing students enrolled in or applying to the Boise State University Nursing Program. There is a fee for membership.  This includes a subscription to the Imprint (a quarterly journal from the NSNA), a reduced rate for the American Journal of Nursing, plus additional discounts and eligibility to attend NSNA conventions.

During the year, a variety of activities are held.  Locally, there are at least two fundraising activities that include stethoscope and t-shirt sales.  BSUSNA holds monthly meetings to promote professional development and involvement of student nurses, through political awareness, community participation, and continuing education.

Solicitation of money by students for the purpose of supporting professional/university activities must be approved by the School Director and the Dean of the College of Health Sciences.  In addition, fundraising activities may require review and approval by the Boise State Foundation.  Please discuss any proposed activities with the School’s Management Assistant.  A portion of the money raised by SNA provides scholarships to students.

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