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OPWL students receive awards at Graduate Student Showcase

OPWL students Jordy LePiane, Megan Kennedy, and Danielle Patterson each received an award from the recent Graduate Student Showcase where they presented a poster of their work:

Jordy LePiane (Faculty advisor: Yonnie Chyung), “Using Quantitative Methods to Assess Program Effectiveness” – Student Success Award
Megan Kennedy (Faculty advisor: Yonnie Chyung), “Evidence-Based Survey Design: Use of Ascending or Descending Order of Likert-Type Options” – College of Engineering Award
Danielle Patterson (Faculty advisor: Vicki Stieha), “Web 2.0 and DSMT’s to Increase Workforce Participation in Informal Learning” – College of Engineering Award

A total of 51 students (among 180 students who presented) received an award. Some additional info was announced here.

About the OPWL Program

The Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) program helps prepare students for careers in the areas of instructional design, training and development, e-learning, workplace performance improvement, organizational development, program evaluation and performance consulting.

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