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For Positive Results, Think Positive Thoughts

A positive attitude can go a long way in stressful situations

Your mindset and attitude affect your work as an online student. Focusing on the positive aspect of a situation takes less energy and is less stressful than worrying about the negative components. Instead of focusing on a negative outcome, like receiving a bad grade on an assignment, visualize yourself succeeding. This will both motivate you and leave you with less stress.

Remember, you may not have control over every situation but you do have control over your attitude.

How to remain positive throughout your online degree

  1. Focus on your motivation
    Why are you completing your degree? Is it to get a better job? To set a positive example for your kids or grandkids? Did you make yourself a promise that you’d be a college graduate one day? Whatever your reason for finishing what you started, visualize yourself reaching those goals. Make yourself motivational quotes or bookmarks and put them in highly visible places. Write yourself inspirational letters on how close you are to achieving your goals. Tell others why you are finishing your degree.
  2. Set aside time for fun
    Schoolwork is hard and time consuming, but it should not be life consuming. Set aside time in your schedule to do things that bring you happiness and that you can reflect on when you start feeling negative or need a break. Need some ideas? Check out our blog post on self-care.
  3. Create a back-up plan
    Turn to family or friends for words of encouragement when you hit a snag in your academic progress. Create a list of resources, including your academic advisor and student success coach, that you’ll turn to when you start to feel discouraged or need positive feedback to keep you going.
  4. Connect with positive classmates
    Encourage those around you to succeed and provide positive feedback to your classmates. Positivity is contagious and you will have ample opportunities to connect with your classmates through discussion boards, group work and social groups. Share positive feedback with your classmates generously.

Start with these tips and incorporate your own methods for making online learning a fun and positive experience for you.