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Boise State Celebrates National Distance Learning Week

In honor of National Distance Learning Week, Boise State University’s Division of Extended Studies celebrates its programs working to extend higher education beyond traditional boundaries.

Boise State Online continues to expand its distance learning offerings and experience record-breaking enrollment. 10,306 Boise State students are enrolled in at least one online course for the Fall 2019 semester and the number of fully online students has grown by 12% over the course of one academic year.

According to the Online College Students 2019 National Survey, students are motivated to pursue distance learning to advance in their career goals, start a new career that more closely aligns with their individual interests, obtain their first professional job, desiring a promotion and an increase in salary and finally because it’s required by their current employer to keep their job. Distance learning opportunities provided by Extended Studies offer students the flexibility, support and dynamic opportunities to achieve their higher education goals—students like Angus Pollard, who had no sure path forward in a traditional education setting.

Angus recently told us about how Boise State’s Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Program, with online and in-person courses, provided him with a path to graduation and relevant, valuable coursework:

“I realized there was a middle ground between business and social work; I understood that I had uniquely valuable experience to pursue nonprofit management through both the programs I had experienced… and began to explore my options for studying that more directly. I was eventually recommended to reach out to the MDS department, who supported me immediately when hearing [about] my goals and my past experience.”

After graduating with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, Angus now works with Adventist Development and Relief Agency, a humanitarian agency that helps with disaster relief and community development.

For more information about distance learning opportunities provided by Boise State Extended Studies, visit the Extended Studies website.