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Mike and Olga Bogdanoff—partners in life and school

Mike and Olga Bogdanoff
Mike and Olga Bogdanoff. Photo by Arlie Sommer, Extended Studies.

Mike and Olga Bogdanoff are partners in life and in school as they work toward completing their degree in Boise State’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Online. The pair shared some insight into how the program has helped them grow professionally and personally. 

Why online?

Mike has worked in retail management for eight years and Olga is currently in IT sales and marketing. Through the online management program, they have both discovered opportunities for growth in their professional lives. The online component of the program for Mike was an important factor, considering the growing virtual component of business these days. 

“One unexpected learning opportunity was being able to meet in a virtual environment consistently … ,” he said.  “It’s helping students learn how to conduct themselves in a meeting and how to lead a meeting in a virtual environment.” 

Olga also appreciated the online component, but she had a different take away from being in a primarily virtual learning environment. 

“What has really surprised me about this program as well is that I’ve gained a lot of confidence,” she said. “Sometimes we have group assignments and it can be challenging working with people that you have never seen or worked with or even talked to, trying to get in touch with them communicating with them. Going through these group assignments in the past couple classes have really helped me be more of an extrovert and just be less shy about voicing what needs to be done in order to make a project successful.”

The flexibility of the online management program

The goal of the online management degree is to help students build on their previous college or professional experiences to advance their careers. It’s flexibility is ideal for working people, like Mike and Olga, who can work at their own pace and from wherever they might need. 

“As long as I have my laptop and have internet access I’m good to go,” Olga said. “I think doing it together has really helped us grow together as well; you’re accomplishing something together. It’s really nice to just use this time to do something productive. You know it will pay off in the end.”

Check out Mike and Olga’s interview with Boise State Online:

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