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Bachelor of Business Administration

Boise State’s Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management degree is designed for people like you: working adults who want to build on prior college and work experience. You’ll graduate with the skills to be an effective, ethical leader and manager. In fact, one student in a past Leadership and High Performing Teams class said, “It wasn’t just about transformational leadership, it was applicable for my whole life.” Are you ready to advance your career?

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management At A Glance

How Do I Apply to this Program?

The Online Management Degree is designed for students who want to advance in a management career.

The selection committee looks at your previous college courses as well as what strengths and skills you will bring to the program. The committee will want to learn more about your previous college work, if you’ve taken business classes, and/or what professional experience you’ve had so far in your career.

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How Much Does this Program Cost?

Your total Online Management Degree costs at Boise State will vary depending on your previous credits. The following is an example of the total program cost for a student completing the 49 credits required to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.

Boise State Undergraduate Admissions Application Fee$50
Courses (49 total credits @ $350 per credit*)$17,150
Books (estimate)$2,400
Graduation Application Fee$20
Approximate Total Investment$19,620

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What Classes Will I Take?

The Online Management Degree program is offered online only, with no in-person courses or requirements. Classes run for seven weeks and you can complete the degree at a full-time or part-time pace—whichever works with your schedule.

The below Online Management Degree curriculum shows the courses required for the program. In addition, certain University Foundations courses are required to earn a bachelor’s degree from Boise State. These foundation courses may be met through transfer coursework, or will be incorporated into your program of study at Boise State.

Course NumberTitleCredits
BUSMGT 300Orientation1
BUSMGT 304Design Thinking3
BUSMGT 306Professional Communication for Managers3
BUSMGT 315Foundations of Management3
BUSMGT 317Managing Human Resources3
BUSMGT 320Marketing3
BUSMGT 322Negotiation and Conflict Management3
BUSMGT 325International Business Management3
BUSMGT 342Strategic Tools3
BUSMGT 344Business Intelligence and Analytics3
BUSMGT 347Law for Managers3
BUSMGT 360Leadership and High Performing Teams3
BUSMGT 364Business Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability3
BUSMGT 368Operations Management3
BUSMGT 420Managing Innovation and Change3
BUSMGT 422Finance for Managers3
BUSMGT 425Capstone3
Additional academic credits and foundational courses71
Total semester credits required for a bachelor's degree from Boise State120

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Develop Essential Skills

Our BBA Online Degree Program helps develop your leadership skills and you will graduate with strong analytical and critical thinking skills as well as exceptional communication skills. Some of these proficiencies include:

Modern Workplace Management: Best practices in leading and collaborating in technology-mediated workplace.

Multinational Business Practices: Using statistical, data analysis and project management tools to solve business challenges or conduct business.

Innovation: Employ creative thinking for innovative, effective solutions and new opportunities.

Design Thinking: Apply disruptive thinking strategies to the design of business models and organizations, as well as to the development of new products and services.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management Degree?

It’s time to finish what you started! Complete your bachelor’s degree and open doors for your career. With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to be competitive in growing management fields. Possible careers include:

  • Benefits Administrator
  • Branch Manager 
  • Budget Analyst 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Human Resource Specialist 
  • Job Analyst
  • Logistics Manager
  • Consultant 
  • Purchasing Manager/Buyer 
  • Training Specialist 
  • Reports Analyst

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We’re here to help! From deciding if an online degree is right for you to figuring out what credits transfer from previous schools, talking to a Student Success Coach is the best place to start.

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