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What is Public Health? 

Woman speaking in front of group at the Community and Environmental Health Meet and Greet

The unprecedented strain that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the world has not only highlighted the importance of public health but it also has put the work of public health officials front and center as they work to combat the virus.

However, even with all of the news surrounding COVID-19, many people are still trying to understand what is public health. Quite simply, the purpose of public health is to protect health and improve the quality of life for all people. While doctors treat people who are sick, public health officials work diligently to try and prevent people from getting sick or injured in the first place.

At Boise State, the Online Bachelor’s in Public Health prepares students for a career that advances the health of their communities including promoting healthy environments and lifestyles. Students learn how to develop and mobilize community partnerships, and take action to address complex public health challenges.

Some examples of the many career options in public health include:

  • Public administrator
  • Community health worker
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Policy analyst
  • Community outreach coordinator
  • Health services manager
  • Health officer
  • Operations manager
  • Public health emergency preparedness coordinator
  • Public health program specialist
  • Public health information officer

Why is Public Health Important?

Millions of people are alive today thanks to public health initiatives such as tobacco-use restrictions, clean water standards, motor vehicle safety laws and much more. And, as officials work together to address one of the biggest public health challenges to face the world, it has become abundantly clear as to why public health is important.

Our world is constantly changing as social, economic, political and other forces challenge human health and we will need talented and committed professionals to help make the world a healthier place for everyone.

This Is Making A Difference: COVID-19 Resources

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CDC Guide

The best way to protect yourself and others from misinformation about COVID-19 is to fact check your sources before you share. Here are a few credible fact-checking resources: