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Boise State’s Integrated Strategic Communications Online program awarded two top 15 national rankings

PR professional Julie Chigbrow, on camera.
PR professional Julie Chigbrow, of Red Sky, speaks on camera. Photo by Arlie Sommer

The Integrated Strategic Communications Online program at Boise State University was recently ranked number six in the US for 2020 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Public Relations Degrees and number 13 for Best Online Bachelor’s Public Relations Degrees by the Guide to Online Schools.

Online degrees present an opportunity for career advancement and increased financial stability. Knowing the return on investment of a specific degree and major before making a decision is key to evading insurmountable debt. To help people make this decision, Optimal published their 2020 Best Value Colleges rankings, on Guide to Online Schools, for 121 programs. The organization published these findings based on a combination of tuition rates and PayScale salary data.

Is Integrated Strategic Communications a good major?

Integrated Strategic Communications professionals are storytellers. They have a keen awareness of current events and enjoy strategizing and conceptualizing brand positioning and communication. They seek out the best in an organization or client and find ways to share that message with their communities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job classification of strategic communications and fundraising managers is forecasted to grow from 2018-2028 by 7.8%.

Graduates of the Boise State University Communication and Media Department have a track record for earning respected roles in a variety of fields. Degree courses feature high quality instructors who are well connected in the public relations professional community, plus a team of online course designers that collaborate with professors to develop engaging and thoughtful course materials and structure. Courses are offered year-round to allow students to complete their degrees faster.

The program equips students with skills to build brand communication and strategy for organizations in any sector. Students learn through a variety of channels. Professors provide practice though traditional lecture-style online coursework and application through shared professional experience and industry insight.

PR professional, Julie Chigbrow, collaborates with a co-worker.
PR professional, Julie Chigbrow of Red Sky, collaborates with a co-worker. Photo by Arlie Somer

Great value for the cost

Boise State Integrated Strategic Communications Online’s transparent fee structure allows students to know what expenses to expect. The online program’s commitment to students paying no out-of-state tuition contributes to it being a great value.

Program coaches are available to help students navigate financial aid, scholarships, military benefits and flexible schedule options. Full and part-time options allow students to choose their own pace. “I love talking to students about the Boise State Integrated Strategic Communications degree, especially when I hear a student describe how well the courses align with an actual career in PR,” said Student Success Coach, Scott Erikson, who recruits and coaches students through the program admissions process at Boise State. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that the degree has recently been so highly ranked.”

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