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Integrated Strategic Communications Classes and Scheduling

Designed to Meet Demand

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications is a fully online, degree-completion program designed to meet the growing and shifting demands for communication and media professionals. Our seven-week classes integrate communication and media skills within a communications management framework.

The program’s faculty are also involved in the campus-based degree program. Many have held leadership positions in strategic communications organizations and have practiced in the field.

Courses are designed to integrate both concepts and practice, ultimately providing you with substantial experiential learning and a portfolio upon completion of the program.

Content on this page is provided as a quick reference for planning your academic schedule. All official course descriptions and degree requirements are published on the undergraduate catalog site.

Classes and Scheduling Options

Course Descriptions

Required Courses

PRO 300 Introduction to Public Relations

Public relations as a professional field: history, theory, principles, and practices.

PRO 301 Technology for Professionals

Students gain competencies with technologies used in the contemporary workplace.

PRO 302 Preparing for the Profession

Individual planning and preparation for a public relations career that aligns with each student’s interests and values. Creation of a working portfolio to house their work throughout their degree program.

PRO 303 Public Relations Campaign Strategies

Students develop a comprehensive campaign plan for a client to explore appropriate campaign strategies.

PRO 320 Business and Professional Communication

Communication tools, processes, and practices in business and professional settings.

PRO 322 Media and Social Media Strategies for Professionals

Media relations and social media methods, strategies and practices through discussion and project-driven experience.

PRO 323 Media Law

Media-related legal issues facing media and public relations practitioners.

PRO 332 Writing for Professionals

Writing for communications professionals, including public relations outputs; writing for media; writing for the web; creating proposals and pitches; reporting research; and visual organization.

PRO 499 Capstone

Students apply their knowledge and skill to produce and present public relations projects, plans and proposals based on research of an industry aligned with their career goals to be included in their senior portfolio.

PRO Course Options

PRO 304 Professional Writing Basics

Foundational writing course with a focus on grammar, formats, AP basics, and writing for business.

PRO 310 Interviewing

Examines the process of interviewing in multiple communication contexts including print and broadcast journalism and public information sessions.

PRO 311 Multimedia Storytelling

Students use web tools and freely available software to gain concrete skills and understandings of technologies that are transforming the media.

PRO 312 Conflict and Collaboration

Theories and techniques to manage conflict and work collaboratively.

PRO 313 Public Relations Ethics

Theories and principles used in ethical decision-making for public relations and corporate communications, including digital ethics, transparency, and codes of ethics.

PRO 321 Applied Research for Professionals

A client-based approach to research and data-driven decision making to prepare students for public relations research demands.

PRO 330 Global Public Relations

Evolution and practice of public relations in different countries with an emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism.

PRO 331 Public Relations Case Studies

Analysis and discussion of public relations issues through case study research.

PRO 333 Community Relations

Principles, philosophy, and techniques for building community relationships that benefit organizations and individuals.

PRO 400 Crisis Management

Crisis management theories, methods, and processes. Students apply crisis management knowledge and skills to develop a Crisis Management Plan.

PRO 401 Project Management

Project management methods, processes, and software. Students apply project management knowledge and skills to develop a Project Management Plan.

PRO 493 Internship

Supervised fieldwork. Students have the option of enrolling for either 7- or 15-week internships. For more information on internships, see University-Wide Courses in Chapter 11 and read the Communication and Media Department Internship Guidelines available on the department webpage. Recommended senior standing and a minimum cumulative public relations program GPA of 2.75.


Boise State maintains authorization to offer online programs in Idaho and beyond. Detailed information about state authorization is available on the eCampus Center website.

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