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Communicate better with a Communication Management Certificate

Man takes notes as woman writes marketing strategy on whiteboard

Communication is a key component for any organization in any industry. Communication management helps you manage professional processes and relationships — whether updating employees on new policies, preparing for natural disasters, communicating safety procedures or listening to valuable feedback from employees.

What is a Communication Management Certificate?

The online Communication Management Certificate at Boise State prepares you to manage internal and external communication, from employee and partner collaboration to business communication and community relations.

In any position, you will be expected to communicate effectively in the workplace, from informing an audience about issues, relaying key information, noting changes or asking questions to be answered by supervisors or fellow employees. This online certificate program aims to provide you with the ability to showcase these valuable skills in your profession.

Who needs a Communication Management Certificate?

While any working professional can benefit from improved communication skills, the certificate aims to boost the skills of individuals who regularly communicate with the public, employees, local communities or key stakeholders.

If you work in any of the following areas, this online certificate program could be right for you:

      • Marketing
      • Strategic Communications
      • Journalism
      • Management
      • Project Management
      • Human Resources
      • Employee Relations
      • Community Relations

What can a certificate do for me?

The ability to utilize or strengthen communication management skills are expected from working professionals from all businesses, government agencies and organizations. Communication is at the core of business and being adept at communicating is crucial for any interaction.

The Communication Management Certificate will prepare you to manage through professional processes and relationships clearly and effectively, helping you better collaborate on key issues and manage messages for your employees, supervisors, board members or other key partners.

Demonstrate to your company that you are committed to better communication by sharpening your skills.

Connect with a Student Success Coach and learn more about the Communication Management Certificate