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5 reasons to get your Media Content Management Certificate

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Digital media is the fastest and most cost-effective way for companies to connect with the public, clients and other key stakeholders. Professionals in all industries find themselves immersed in digital media, with or without the skills to manage digital content properly.

Whether you’re looking to expand your current digital media skills, or hoping to understand how to manage media content, the Boise State Online Media Content Management certificate could be the right fit for you. Here are five reasons why working professionals just like you can benefit from a digital media certificate:

1. Website management can boost your brand

A website is an online storefront, business card and information hub rolled into one. Knowing the best practices for website management can help your customers, employees and stakeholders access the information they need and help your company succeed!

2. Social media is a big deal

Like it or not, social media makes a big impact on your company’s brand. With the capability to send out timely updates and keep your brand on the forefront of customers’ and stakeholders’ minds, knowing how to manage social media effectively sets you apart.

3. Become savvy with media production

Acquiring the right skills in digital media production can help you manage a wide variety of media content. Knowing the best practices of media production can boost your photography and videography skills. This can increase the quality of your social media and web content or prepare you for a new podcast launch — the marketing possibilities are endless!

4. Gain a competitive advantage

A certificate in digital media shows that you are invested in learning new skills that benefit your company and committed to staying current with marketing trends. With a certificate, you have a professional advantage over your peers while also increasing your earning potential.

5. Flexible, affordable and convenient

The Media Content Management Certificate is 100% online to fit your busy schedule or your current degree plan and can be completed in as few as two semesters. Boise State Online is fully accredited, offers a low cost-per-credit and you’ll be fully supported by our team of coaches and advisors from start to finish!

Gaining new skills in website management, social media and media production can set you apart from the competition while honing your marketing skills and boosting your company.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your digital media skills or you’re taking on new responsibilities, the Media Content Management Certificate through Boise State Online can provide you with the knowledge and the network you need. 

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