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Kickstart your next venture with a Business Creation Certificate

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Exciting new entrepreneurial ventures are vital to growing economies and communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has focused attention on supporting local businesses and reinforced the need for entrepreneurship in our communities. This focus has energized a generation of potential entrepreneurs who see opportunities as something to be embraced and are preparing to start their own ventures.

The Business Creation Certificate from Boise State University empowers this growing community of entrepreneurs, enabling them to turn their passions into thriving businesses. Participants in this new certificate option learn how to recognize opportunities, develop business models and secure sources of funding for business ventures.

Join the next generation of entrepreneurs

With more and more professionals breaking the mold of current practices, the U.S. has seen a dramatic uptick in entrepreneurial ventures. With more than a million Americans applying to start a new business as of last year — a 13-year high — Boise State University wants to prepare future entrepreneurs in creating and growing their next big idea.

The Business Creation Certificate isn’t just for new entrepreneurs. Experienced professionals looking to enhance their current practices and hone strategies can benefit greatly, too.

Already have a degree? The Business Creation Certificate is the perfect way to gain a competitive edge in growing your business, no matter your educational background.

The Business Creation Certificate can be finished in as little as two semesters, no matter your degree level, giving you more time to work toward your dream. Students completing the certificate are prepared to start, manage and market their business after a rigorous process to develop a business model.

Attack challenges head-on

It’s no secret, starting a new business comes with risk.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, half of new startups fail to make it past their fifth year. Boise State empowers students with the skills necessary to confidently take on the hurdles associated with starting a business.

Boise State Online provides more than a degree. From laying the foundations of launching a business to in-depth training on management and marketing strategies, the Business Creation Certificate can offer valuable insight into what makes new businesses struggle and flourish. 

Learn completely online

The Business Creation Certificate from Boise State takes place entirely online, mirroring the rapid transition to a virtual world many businesses are already experiencing. Boise State Online is fully accredited, offers a low cost-per-credit, and our team of coaches and advisors fully support you from start to finish.

Online experience is vital to surviving today’s professional climate, which is at the forefront of the Business Creation Certificate. Perfect your online communication skills while earning your certificate with flexible learning that fits your busy schedule.

Take the next step

There’s no better time than now to turn your great idea into a revenue-generating venture. Connect with a Student Success Coach and learn how a Business Creation Certificate can help power your entrepreneurial journey.

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