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How an online management degree helps develop your professional skills

Two students studying togetherWhat is the Bachelor of Business Administration?

Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management degree is 100% remote and designed for working adults who want to build on prior college and work experience. The online management program is for students who seek to advance in a management career. Online management students will graduate with the skills to be an effective, ethical leader and manager. The program has students practice modern workplace management, multinational business practices, innovation, design thinking and more.

Using your past; developing your future

The online management bachelor’s degree can open doors in your career, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and advance your professional status.

The fully online program gives students the flexibility to work while going to school, allowing them to apply what they are learning in the classroom in their workplace. One of many students who went through the program while working includes recent graduate Ervina Covcic. “I think a lot of students think that they can’t make money and go to school. [However,] there is so much flexibility and opportunity with an online education,” Covcic said.

Management and leadership skills

The remote learning aspect of the online management degree is not only a convenience for learning; it’s also practice for real-life management. Mike Bogdanoff, a BBA student said, “One thing that I’ve learned, that I wasn’t expecting to learn, was being able to meet in a virtual environment, consistently. And, that’s something that’s really relevant especially in today’s day and age because you have so many people networking and working in different countries and different cities and you have to have that skill. It’s really helping us learn how to conduct ourselves in a meeting and how to lead a meeting in a virtual environment.”

Olga Bogdanoff, Mike’s wife, was another student in the online management program. She valued the confidence she gained from leading group projects.

“What has really surprised me about this program as well is that I’ve gained a lot of confidence,” she said. “Sometimes we have group assignments and it can be challenging working with people that you have never seen or worked with. Going through these group assignments in the past couple classes have really helped me be less shy about voicing what needs to be done in order to make a project successful.”

What are you waiting for?

Boise State’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management is here to expand your professional opportunities and develop your management and leadership skills whenever and wherever works best for you! To learn more about the online management program contact us today.

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