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Boise State Online helped Rana Mohmand pursue her educational dreams

Rana Mohmand has always valued education and believes that school opens doors to a better, brighter future. “I feel like all education in life makes us who we are. It allows us to know our true selves,” Mohmand explained. “When finishing high school, we are so young and need to keep growing and learning. Learning doesn’t stop. Education allows us to grow into full human beings.”

Becoming a Bronco without sacrificing the stability of her hometown

Starting at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) in an associate’s degree program, she simultaneously worked at Chobani in Twin Falls, Idaho. She ascended from a packing position to a team lead within the organization, all while taking classes and pursuing her academic goals. CSI graduation came and went, and she realized she wasn’t finished with college and had more to accomplish. Mohmand then dreamed about attending Boise State and pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

College has its challenges, and a significant barrier for many students is relocation. Picking up and moving your life is no easy task, and Mohmand had the same realization. She had a sister and a support system in Twin Falls — something she could not readily abandon.

While Mohmand values education, she also cherishes her friends and family. As a refugee from Afghanistan, she and her sister spent years working on getting to the United States and make a new life together. Why should Mohmand have to choose between a bachelor’s degree and the long-sought stability of her new hometown? That’s when Mohmand first heard about Boise State Online.

Rana Mohmand poses in front of the courthouse where she received her U.S. citizenship.
Rana Mohmand, an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management student, poses in front of the courthouse where she earned U.S. citizenship. Photo provided by Rana Mohmand.

How the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management opens doors

Boise State Online offers Mohmand and all prospective students the chance to pursue bachelor degrees, certificates and individual courses from anywhere in the world. Boise State’s Division of Extended Studies designs high-quality courses and structures engaging, fully online learning environments. Mohmand has always been passionate about business and decided to enroll in the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.

“When I was working, I could not see many future opportunities. I was scared about losing my job and wondered if someone else would hire me. Now that I am working on my bachelor’s, I have more dreams. I know I will have more opportunities when I have that degree,” Mohmand said.

Boise State Online’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management degree is 100 percent online and designed for working adults wanting to build on prior college and work experience. The online management program is for students who seek to advance in a management career. Online management students will graduate with the skills to be an effective, ethical leader and manager. The program has students practice modern workplace management, multinational business practices, innovation, design thinking and more.

Rana Mohmand’s future plans include a career in dentistry, managing her own practice and even a graduate degree, but she’s still weighing her options. This spring is her first semester in the online management program and Mohmand’s focus is on all of the new things she’s learning. What’s her biggest takeaway thus far? The importance of communication.

“One thing I learned about an online program is making sure you are communicating with your professors,” Mohmand said. “Work and school may be too much to handle, but faculty are always there to support you. I am so thankful for them. I thought an online program would be me with the computer, but actually, my professors are my support. If I need help, they respond very quickly. They offer to do virtual meetings so they can show me how to do the work on my computer.”

Passion for learning and higher education

Inside and outside of the classroom, Mohmand passes on the knowledge and experience gained from pursuing higher education. “I encouraged many coworkers to take college classes. We talked about the positive environment and all that’s possible, and then they felt encouraged to start school,” Mohmand explained. “My sister is now also getting her college degree. We are going to school together!”

The online business management program opened a door for Mohmand to pursue her passions and her love of learning. As she explained, “For me, having a higher education is important for me to know my worth, my true self and how I can pay it forward and help others.”

Learn more about the online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Boise State’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management can help you advance in your profession and develop your management and leadership skills! To learn more about the online management program, contact a student success coach!

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