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How You Can Participate in National Public Health Week

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Coming off a year defined by public health and safety, 2021’s National Public Health Week promises to tackle the nation’s most pressing health issues.

Throughout the week, Boise State Online, in conjunction with the American Public Health Association (APHA), will be highlighting the most crucial challenges facing Boise, the state of Idaho and the country at large.

Monday: Rebuilding

The world as we know it has likely changed for the foreseeable future, causing all of us to rethink nearly every aspect of our lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic still serving as a real threat to communities across the globe, public health professionals are vigorously attempting to restore a sense of normalcy to our communities.

Students enrolled in Boise State’s Bachelor of Arts in Public Health are training to tackle issues such as responding to a pandemic, public safety and more. Megan Howk, a graduate of the online public health program, found her calling within the program.

Tuesday: Advancing Racial Equity

Equal access to and distribution of healthcare, housing and education resources are a central concern of public health professionals. The ability to access these crucial resources can often be a determinant of health.

Whether it be contacting local government officials or calling your member of Congress, we can all do our part to ensure equal access. The APHA has provided a wealth of tools that can help raise awareness and encourage civic education on the issues of equity and accessibility in your community.

Wednesday: Strengthening Community

Discussing public health issues and localizing challenges is imperative to make realistic, achievable goals.

Members of the Boise State community are encouraged to do just this, with plenty of opportunities for students, faculty and community members to engage in meaningful discussions. Join Boise State Online’s next public health info session for an opportunity to discuss how a degree and career in public health might be right for you.

Thursday: Galvanizing Climate Justice

Climate and environmental considerations play a crucial role in conversations about public health.

According to the APHA, rising temperatures worldwide can be directly linked to an increase in heat strokes and cardiovascular illness. Public health students can expect to actively participate in vital discussions revolving around the issue of environmental impact.

Friday: Constructing COVID-19 Resilience

Starting April 5, COVID-19 vaccinations will be available to all Idahoans over the age of 16, highlighting a crucial step in building our state’s resilience to the disease that has changed our everyday life.

As more and more Idahoans continue to receive the vaccine, it remains imperative to follow current CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and other health precautions.

Saturday: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness

With a global pandemic forcing many of us inside, mental health awareness has never been more important. According to APHA, 50% of mental illnesses begin at the age of 14, while 75% occur at 24 years. With many in our campus community within that age bracket, it’s imperative for students to realize the important role they play in ensuring their communities have access to resources and information that can assist with mental health and wellbeing.

Boise State offers a plethora of resources for those looking for help, including counseling and food assistance.

Sunday: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce

While a large portion of the Boise State community has been able to work and learn remotely, there are plenty of staff, faculty and students whose presence on campus remains vital to the success of our university. This Sunday, we encourage you to take to social media and thank the many essential workers in your community.

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