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Degree Programs built around your life

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Advancing your education doesn’t mean starting over

Boise State’s online Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and Interdisciplinary Studies (IPS)programs are nationally ranked. The BAS program capitalizes on your technical associate’s degree. In contrast, the IPS program utilizes credits you have earned from Boise State or any other university, so you don’t have to start over with your degree. Both degree programs have the potential to catapult students to the next level in their professional careers.

The Bachelor of Applied Science and Interdisciplinary Studies programs are designed for students with credits from the military, community college or a previous university. Both programs help students develop management and leadership skills that can apply across a variety of fields. Classes for both programs are filled with non-traditional adult learners looking to network and grow professionally and academically. Most importantly, the IPS and BAS programs are intentionally designed to fit into the lives of working adults.

The IPS and BAS programs are intentionally designed to fit into the lives of working adults.

Develop your degree your way

Both the BAS and IPS programs offer flex pathways which give students the ability to craft their personalized degree plans towards their desired profession. Students can choose one of nearly 20 emphases to study further while working on their IPS or BAS degree. Emphases allow students to understand more about their desired field of work while continuing on their versatile BAS or IPS program. Although the BAS and IPS programs can be completed entirely online, the flex program also offers students a hybrid option to take in-person classes and engage in campus life. Program students work closely with their academic advisors to develop a plan that meets their goals.

Degree programs designed to fast-track your future

Many students in the BAS and IPS programs use prior learning credits to complete their courses faster and cheaper. Credit for prior learning allows students to challenge courses with knowledge from past work, life or military experiences. Upon a successful challenge, students receive credit for their challenged courses at a fraction of the usual cost. The university evaluates student knowledge in several ways, including standardized tests or completing a prior learning portfolio.

Prior learning portfolios outline the knowledge students have gained outside the college classroom and show the relationship to college-level learning. The program developed an exclusive course due to the wide variety of knowledge and experience of IPS and BAS students. The class, taught by Baker Lawley, helps them build their portfolio. Lawley explains how best to exemplify knowledge and challenge courses that correlate to their experience. In the fall of 2020, 31 students in Lawley’s class challenged a total of 78 courses. Seventy-one of the 78 courses were successful, saving students approximately $74,550 in tuition costs.

The BAS program is designed to support military students. Whether you are active-duty, a veteran or a civilian, Boise State’s BAS is here to support you as you earn your bachelor’s degree. The BAS program leverages military training for credit, collaborates with students during deployment, offers special financing to current military students and offers a smooth transition from a Community College of the Air Force associate’s degree.

Start towards your degree today

Whether you want to advance in your current line of work or jump into a brand new career, the Bachelor of Applied Science and Interdisciplinary Studies can help you get a jump start on your goals.

Talk to a student program coach today to understand how to use your previous credits to get a jumpstart in your degree. Students can use Applied Science (AAS) Associate degree credits towards the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science (BAS). Technical (Tech) credits can apply to the BAS tech credit requirements and foundation credit requirements.

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Note: The Multidisciplinary Studies Program name was changed to Interdisciplinary Professional Studies in April 2022.