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Is a marketing MBA useful?

A marketing MBA is worth the time, effort and financial investment if it meets your goals.

Are you looking for a program that helps you use your team and equips you to navigate the rapidly-changing world of marketing?

If so, then a program like Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration in Marketing Leadership might be right for you.

Which MBA is best for marketing?

Figure out which MBA is best for marketing by thinking of how you’ll apply your degree to your career.

Boise State’s Master of Business Administration in Marketing Leadership emphasizes the strategies and techniques you’ll apply as a marketing leader rather than specific marketing platforms or tactics.

Our program gives you a wider view of your marketing role to help you work across departments and teams.

What makes a top MBA program?

A top MBA program for marketing goes beyond rankings. Your top marketing MBA program should meet your requirements for support, scholarships and affordability, online delivery, course schedules and time to graduation.

Boise State’s Online Master of Business Administration programs are intentionally designed to help students succeed. Additionally, the programs received national rankings by U.S. News and World Report.

Our Online MBA in Marketing Leadership program checks the box for the requirements of many of our students:

  • 100% online
  • Application to Graduation support
  • $750 per-credit cost
  • $5,500 scholarship available to eligible students
  • 7-week course schedules
  • Graduate in as few as 12 months

“I think it really helps build that confidence knowing you have a team that is willing to support you,” said Andrew McConnell, Boise State Online MBA student. “Flexibility was my original reason for choosing the program, but after getting into the program and experiencing the support, I would argue that it was better online compared to what I received in person.”

Boise State Online’s MBA in Marketing Leadership

The Online MBA in Marketing Leadership from Boise State, empowers you to guide teams strategically while maintaining an agile and innovative approach to ever-changing marketing techniques.

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