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Advanced medical imaging: Preparing for the future of healthcare

Advanced medical imaging program student stands next to medical equipment

Since 1895 and the invention of the first x-ray machine by Wilhelm Rontgen, medical imaging has improved patient care by allowing doctors and practitioners to detect abnormalities before surgery. It is essential that practitioners have access to educational opportunities to expand their knowledge of new medical imaging modalities as they are introduced. This education is required for credentialing and employment.

Boise State University launched the online Bachelor of Science in Advanced Medical Imaging and online Certificate in Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiology in 2022. Hospitals have increased the educational requirements and typically require a bachelor’s degree, especially in the medical imaging sector. Boise State aims to fill the knowledge gaps for specialized education in these modalities. The program will expand opportunities nationwide through online delivery, providing access to educational advancement regardless of location.

Boise State’s online advanced medical imaging program offers a bachelor of science or certificate in modalities that include interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, computed tomography, diagnostic medical sonography and magnetic resonance imaging. The online certificates in computed tomography, diagnostic medical sonography and magnetic resonance imaging are now available for enrollment.

What is Medical Imaging?

Since the first x-rays were produced over 120 years ago, we have seen the field advance tremendously. Beyond x-rays, medical imaging uses powerful technology in order to detect abnormalities quickly and efficiently through tools like sonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and more.

Researchers continue to advance the field with technology like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and holographic imaging. With the advancement of mobile technology, machine learning and cloud-based data better and faster patient care is achievable.

There is no doubt that the medical imaging field will continue to grow to better serve medical practitioners and their patients. By 2030, jobs in the medical imaging field are expected to increase by 15.7%*, making it the perfect time to pursue education in medical imaging.

Medical Imaging at Boise State

The online advanced medical imaging program is ideal for those looking to branch out into a new modality in the imaging field. The high-quality curriculum focuses on current and future medical imaging technologies. The program features 100% online coursework, low tuition costs and the ability to complete clinical experience in your local area.

The advanced medical imaging program is committed to preparing students for their careers quickly and cost-effectively. Courses are taught by expert faculty who hold advanced degrees and leadership roles in professional organizations. No matter your level of experience in medical imaging, adding a new medical imaging modality can open up numerous opportunities for your future.

The innovative curriculum and interactive technology featured in the program will help prepare qualified students for a future in medical imaging as well as provide you with high-quality skills that can be applied immediately. With different modality options, including interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, computed tomography, diagnostic medical sonography and magnetic resonance imaging, the advanced medical imaging program through Boise State Online has a variety of different options to help you find the best path.

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*Job data is collected from national, state and private sources.