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An online Bachelor of Applied Science opened doors for military grad Matthew Roth

Matthew Roth
Photo provided by Matthew Roth.

Boise State graduate Matthew Roth is a man of many interests including sports, music and podcasting. Now, he’s added an online Bachelor of Applied Science to his skillset.

Growing up in Billerica, Massachusetts, Roth would tune in to Bronco football games. “I love the community feeling and how friendly everyone is,” he said.

As fate would have it, Roth chose to pursue his online Bachelor of Applied Science through Boise State years later. After graduating with his degree in 2021, Roth has pursued his passions in UX design and even started his own geek-themed podcast called Hops “Geek” News. He currently serves at the Mountain Home Air Force Base as a Readiness Non-Commissioned Officer at the Military and Family Life Center.

Choosing Boise State

For Roth, choosing to pursue his bachelor’s degree made sense. “It kind of chose me as I was looking at my options and what I could do with the credits I had acquired,” he said.

The Bachelor of Applied Science is one of several of Boise State’s Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) degree programs. AU-ABC is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Boise State University. Through AU-ABC, active duty Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserves and Space Force members can build upon their Community College of the Air Force associate degree credits to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Earning his bachelor’s degree helped Roth learn how to network and communicate with others. Plus, with the support of Boise State’s student success coaches, he was able to tailor his degree to match his interests by choosing a concentration in UX design.

“Everything was easily accessible, and everyone had answers to my questions which helped steer me into my passions, ” Roth said.

How Boise State helped

Although earning a degree entirely online may not come without difficulties, Boise State’s student success coaches and academic advisors are here to ensure the success of students at every step.

“From the counselors to professors, everyone helped answer questions and made the learning environment a lot of fun,” Roth said.

Roth adds that his experience with learning online also helped him “become more flexible as a person.”

Roth was able to cut down on the cost required to get his degree by making use of Boise State’s Tuition Assistance (TA) Promise program. For current military members already using federal tuition assistance, TA Promise provides them additional funding towards earning their degree.

Advice for future students

To other service members who want to take the steps towards earning their degree, Roth says, “Absolutely do it. The military is not forever so set yourself up for the future. It allows you to meet people and open doors in ways you wouldn’t have thought.”

When it comes to creating a successful online learning experience, Roth advises, “Balance your time. Do not take on more than you can handle, but also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as a student. Take advantage of everything the college has to offer.”

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