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OPWL Testimonial: Jodi Mammenga, class of 2021

Jodi Mammenga portrait

Process Improvement Analyst in the Office of Continuous Improvement at Boise State University

The Department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning at Boise State will give you access to an amazing community of practice. If, like me, you begin the program believing you want to focus your career in a certain area of instructional design or training, you’ll find yourself challenged (and supported) by instructors, staff, and fellow students as you explore new possibilities. You may enter hoping to find a good job, but you’ll discover you have a great career.

As a program that teaches the value of performance improvement, OPWL staff and instructors practice what they preach and seek improvement continuously. You may assume an online program must sacrifice the personal touch, but sharing a class with students from different time zones and countries teaches better communication, a lesson that translates to all aspects of life, and through this communication you’ll gain strong friendships and mentors. For example, an internship led to my being part of a lab, which gave me experience in process work. Soon I was offered the opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant and to present at international conferences. Through the support of instructors and staff, I was offered my dream position doing work that excites me. I continue to reach out to classmates as I explore ideas, practice executive presentations, or seek new areas of professional growth. OPWL has given me the confidence and knowledge to grow at work and seek to be better every day.

You may be seeking knowledge, skills, and credentials, and you’ll find all of this and more in the OPWL program — you’ll find a community.

Accomplishments and Presentations

  • Internship 2020 – Process Improvement with the local Food Bank
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Spring 2020, Fall 2020
  • Graduate Assistant Spring 2021
  • Founding member of the Process Management Lab
  • ISPI 2021, Co-Presenter
  • ISPS-EMEA 2021, Co-Presenter
  • ISPI Philanthropy Sub-Committee, 2021