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Scott Gordon adds online MBA to career in medical device sales

Scott Gordon always wanted to pursue his Master of Business Administration. As a married father of two with a busy career in medical device sales and a hobby broadcasting football games on the weekends, he knew it would be difficult to find the time to earn his degree. 

When Gordon learned about Boise State University’s online MBA program, he knew it would be the perfect option for him to earn his degree without uprooting his family’s home in Sacramento, California.

Still, Gordon knew that getting his degree online wouldn’t come without challenges. Luckily, Boise State’s network of knowledgeable advisors was there to help. 

“Boise State made the application process, class registration process and every step of the way easy for me to follow so I could just focus on my school work and meet some amazing people in my classes,” Gordon said.

Scott Gordon with his wife, Heather.
Gordon with his wife, Heather. Photo provided by Scott Gordon.

Not only was Gordon able to establish a strong support network through Boise State, but also through his fellow online MBA students.

“I met some amazing people who were working for different companies, so we were all balancing our work and school at the same time,” he said. “I built a ton of camaraderie with my classmates.”

Establishing new connections was Gordon’s favorite part of both his Boise State experience and online learning as a whole. 

“Classmates, professors, advisors, admissions people — all of the people I worked with made this worthwhile,” he said.

Gaining new skills with Boise State’s online MBA

Gordon knew getting his MBA could help him advance in his career by growing his confidence and helping him learn new skills. In the fast-paced, evolving industry of medical device sales, Gordon knew this would come in handy.

“Getting my MBA has made me more confident in my business discussions and helped me to understand more about our sales and earnings calls,” Gordon said. “I have a lot of presentations to do for work and my ability to use Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations has improved quite a bit.”

Boise State’s online MBA curriculum builds upon the existing foundational business knowledge of its students, preparing working professionals to become effective and confident leaders in their careers. Not only does the stellar curriculum make Boise State’s online MBA an excellent choice, but the program is led by renowned faculty members who use their extensive industry experience to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their goals.

Taking the first step

Gordon shared some encouragement for professionals who want to earn their MBA but are nervous to take the leap, just like he was.

“It is so much easier than you realize.  Once you get into the Boise State system it is easy to follow the work-flow and the class registration process,” Gordon said. “I was stressed at how difficult it would be but whenever I had a question I would email the advisors and find a way to work through it.”

Boise State’s academic advisors and student success coaches are there to support students at every step of the way, from the application and registration process all the way through graduation.

“You have to be disciplined with your time management,” he said. “Everyone does work at different times but you have to create a schedule that includes your homework, projects and tests.  If you manage your time well, you will do fine.”

A bright future in a growing industry

Gordon intends to put the long-term value provided by his MBA to good use by continuing to grow within the medical device industry.

“I am looking to grow within my own company or look to another medical device company to take the next step in my career,” he said.

Regardless of location or workplace, the invaluable skills and knowledge that Gordon has gained with his online MBA will serve him well throughout his career.

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