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A Boise State education has no borders for master sergeant Douglas Fellows

Douglas Fellows, an Air Force master sergeant from Detroit, MI, has a vibrant career in the military — serving in Germany, Italy, South Korea and across the U.S. 

After nearly 15 years in the Air Force, what’s next for Fellows? 

His desire to take full advantage of his military education benefits led him to Boise State University and the Tuition Assistance Promise to obtain his Bachelor of Applied Science.

Douglas Fellows stands with two airmen.
Douglas Fellows served in the military while earning a Bachelor of Applied Science at Boise State. Photo Provided by Douglas Fellows.

A Global Military Career and Earning a Degree

Fellows started his academic journey in 2017 and eventually earned an associate’s degree from the Community College of the Air Force. A few years later, he chose to continue his education and enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science at Boise State University with the help of a student success coach and an advisor. 

Even while living in Germany and serving in the Air Force, he could take classes online using his benefits. “Boise State’s military tuition assistance was so easy and simple,” he explained. 

“It covers 100% of tuition for military students, which is unique. We normally cap at $250 per credit. I didn’t have to pay out of my pocket. It is one of the main reasons I chose Boise State.”

For Fellows, Boise State’s Tuition Assistance Promise bridged the gap between his $250 per credit benefit rate and the $350 per credit program fee.

Having less worry over finances, Fellows succeeded in the applied science program. 

Immediately Applying Education in the Workplace

The Boise State online Bachelor of Applied Science is a high-quality, flexible interdisciplinary program that allows students to use their existing technical college credits to earn a degree that complements their current or desired careers. Student success coaches, advisors, and online information sessions can help you learn about how to customize your degree with certificates. Students pay in-state tuition regardless of where they live. 

The program curriculum is offered online with no in-person requirements. Classes run year-round, and students can complete the curriculum at a flexible full-time or part-time pace that works with their schedules.

Fellows appreciated the ability to customize his degree and choose classes applicable to his leadership role in the Air Force.

“I enjoyed many of the courses I took towards the end of the program,” Fellows said. “The best course was the conflict management course, which applied directly to my job. It gave me a lot of good vocabulary in my current role.” 

The conflict management class at Boise State introduces conflict coaching steps and appropriate questioning and communication skills required to facilitate a one-on-one conversation. The course provides insight into group dynamics, facilitator challenges, and successful facilitation strategies.

“You will get out of education what I put into it. Your effort matters,” Fellows said.

“A college education opens doors. I spent my entire life working on mechanical things, working outside in the elements, and I was ready for something more. The BAS program gives you direction and helps you figure out what’s next in your life and career.”

Graduation and What’s Next

Fellows graduated from Boise State in August 2022 and was inspired to keep going. 

“I didn’t want to stop with school. I met someone in the sports management industry, and it sounded so exciting. I contacted my applied science professors for recommendation letters and was accepted to Georgetown University’s graduate program,” he said.

“I’m about to start my second semester. I’ve taken what I learned from the applied science program and continue to apply it.”

Boise State Online Graduates
Spring Commencement, Graduation, Albertsons Stadium. Photo provided by Kristen McPeek.

Learn More About the Bachelor of Applied Science

The Boise State Online Bachelor of Applied Science is designed to help associate degree students combine their ideas and experiences with new, interdisciplinary learning opportunities. These new learning opportunities allow students to better understand their surroundings and make new connections, cultivate mindful, collaborative and productive relationships, and grow as reflective and adaptable learners.

Douglas Fellows and all applied science students are provided with a unique level of creative and educational freedom, allowing them to cultivate their passions, build on previous education and explore exciting new career options.

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