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Online MBA program adds three new emphasis areas

The Boise State University Online MBA has added three new emphasis areas in business analytics, cyber operations and finance.

The new emphasis areas bring the total for the program to seven, alongside the general Online MBA. Joining existing emphases in construction management, healthcare leadership, management and marketing leadership, the new areas offer specialization in high-demand industries.

A People-centric Approach

Emphasis areas for the Online MBA add specialization while maintaining the program’s focus on a “people-centric approach” that gives you the tools be more effective in both managing people and communicating with superiors.

“Our emphases focus on managing teams where high-level expertise is necessary,” said Brian O’Morrow, Online MBA senior director. “You must know enough to manage a data scientist or a financial analyst, but you also need the MBA to lead and execute strategy.”

Emphasis Areas Designed For Impact

The new emphases continue the Online MBA’s focus on strategy and leadership paired with specialization to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Business Analytics

Designed to support a wide array of students, the business analytics emphasis focuses on fluency in analytics and giving you the confidence to present data in a boardroom. Through this program, you’ll expand on the skills required to communicate between data scientists, analysts and executive teams to make data-informed decisions.

Cyber Operations

The cyber operations emphasis takes components of the successful graduate cyber operations and resilience programs and melds them with the Online MBA. The joint venture between the College of Business and Economics and the College of Engineering makes this cyber emphasis a highly-sought after option. This customizable option allows you to select any of the existing cyber graduate certificates or design your path to specialize in the cyber operations area that helps you reach your goals. Designed for the technically inclined, you will expand your problem-solving skills and explore technology advancements in a demanding industry.


The finance emphasis offers a robust, hands-on experience with macro to micro financial issues. You will expand on existing knowledge in financial markets, analytics, modeling and investments. This program builds on expertise with numbers and provides you with practical and impactful ways to lead financial strategy.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

Each emphasis area offers unique opportunities based on your goals. The Online MBA student success team is here to answer your questions about the program and emphasis areas and to provide support through the application process. Want to learn more?

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