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Becoming a leader with online MBA grad Ebony Bains

After 15 years in project management, Ebony Bains was ready to advance her career and establish herself as a leader.

Bains identified Boise State’s online Master of Business Administration as the next step and graduated in May 2022. In addition to being an MBA graduate, she is a wife, mother and chief of staff at Lattice Semiconductor in San Jose, CA.

Reflect and Commit to Growth

Before entering the online MBA program, Bains felt confident in her skills and experience, but she wanted to prepare more for a leadership role. She began searching for an MBA program that would give her the “aptitude to work both independently and as part of a diverse and close-working team in an executive-level setting that requires initiative, flexibility, sound judgment and the prioritization of multiple demands,” Bains explained.

Her research led her to Boise State’s fully online program.

“By adding an MBA, I was sure this would help enhance my career profile as employers constantly seek individuals with diverse skill sets. It shows my focus to better myself and ambition to succeed.”

Be Open To Learn New Things

Did Bains bring immense experience and knowledge to her online MBA classes? Yes. Did she also commit to being a curious student and eager learner? Yes. The online MBA program allowed her to develop her skills further and learn new ones while providing the flexibility to complete her degree in an online capacity.

Boise State’s online Master of Business Administration allowed her to explore team dynamics and management techniques while learning new creative problem-solving methods and leadership principles.

Bains favorite class was the integrated capstone course, taken at the end of the program. “It brought everything together and helped me see the full picture,” she said.

Students get the opportunity to choose their focus area for the capstone class. “The company I chose was a company my employer was looking to partner with. The in-depth analysis learned in this course helped me provide valuable insights on the future outlook of the company as well as recommendations for if/when we decided to partner with them.”

Cultivate a Support System

Ebony Bains in graduation regalia stands next to Rachel Bagnard.
At graduation, Boise State Online MBA Graduate Ebony Bains pictured with her Admissions and Advising Coordinator, Rachel Bagnard.

Returning to school can be intimidating, especially when its a new format, online. “Being new to a graduate program and a virtual curriculum was a bit intimidating at first. The advisors and staff (Rachel, Ally and Michael) were very helpful,” Bains explained.

“They checked in frequently, ensured I had everything I needed and promptly answered any questions I may have had. Kudos to (Admissions and Advising Coordinator), Rachel! She held my hand every step of the way and was a great resource throughout this program.”

Bains says to future students considering the online MBA, “to give it a shot. Regardless of your financial situation, there are resources to help you succeed. If you have the time and are willing to commit, it will pay off for you in the long run.”

Ultimately, she heartily recommends the program. ”My overall experience has been excellent, and I would highly recommend this program to others. Today, I am a very proud Boise State Alum!” she said.

Set Goals and Keep an Eye on The Future

Despite already graduating, Bains continues to reap the rewards of her education from Boise State University. “Having my MBA has already paid off as I have excelled in my Chief of Staff position. Within this role, I can tie my professional experience and knowledge gained from the MBA problem to help with problem-solving and make better strategic planning and investment decisions,” she said.

What does the future hold for Ebony Bains? “In my career, I plan to continue to be a servant leader who is empathetic and encouraging,” she described. “I want to help others grow in their careers and continue striving for organizational success.”

Ebony Baines and her family in front of a Boise State sign on graduation day.
Ebony Baines and her family on graduation day. Photo provided by Ebony Baines.

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Ebony Bains is an excellent example of how transformational Boise State Online can be for your career. Are you ready to learn more about the online Master of Business Administration?

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