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Congratulations to winter 2023 Boise State Online graduates!

Congratulations to all of the winter 2023 online graduates from Boise State University! Below are online graduates who have shown dedication and commitment to academic excellence in their respective programs. We celebrate their remarkable journeys and accomplishments!

Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

Madilyn Bosselmann in a blue cap and gown.

Madilyn Bosselmann

Madilyn Bosselmann, a Boise State Online graduate residing in Boise, is earning a Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience. Originally from Washington, her diverse hobbies include collecting postcards and glass-blowing. She appreciates the program’s flexibility and industry-experienced professors. Grateful for the support of her family and the Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity, Madilyn’s education has opened doors for future success.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Rubydawn Manning smiling at camera.

Rubydawn Manning

Rubydawn Manning is from Alabama and graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. As the owner of Western Plains Emergency Services, she’s a leader in emergency management. Grateful for family support, Rubydawn appreciated the opportunity to explore all of the interactive and challenging experiences her program had to offer.

Master of Business Administration

Kristen Britton

Kristen Britton, a dedicated small animal veterinarian, beams with pride as she graduates with a master’s in business administration. Her eagerness to continue serving clients, volunteering and teaching within her profession is fueled by the opportunities this degree brings. Kristen cherishes the support of her family and professors, appreciating the flexibility and freedom Boise State offered during her academic journey.

Deborah Kroeger headshot.

Deborah Kroeger

Deborah Kroeger is proud to graduate from Boise State University with a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in health care leadership. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 2007, Deborah is grateful for her growth and education at Boise State. The structure and rigor of the program allowed her to form unforgettable relationships and connections, which she is deeply thankful for.

Bachelor of Applied Science

Leah Woodward headshot.

Leah Woodward

Leah Woodward, a proud Boise State Online graduate-to-be, is earning a Bachelor of Applied Science. Based in Idaho, she’s an analytical photographer and artist. Her family supported her journey, including her husband, Joel, and kids, Gaige and Theron. Flexible online education empowered her career shift, noting newfound strength and leadership skills thanks to what she learned in the applied science program.

Brent Beckwith with his family in front of the "B" metal sculpture.

Brent Beckwith

Brent Beckwith, currently a radiology technologist at St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center, happily concludes his Bachelor’s in Applied Science journey. Grateful for immense encouragement from his fiancee and kids, Brent sets his sights on graduate school at Idaho State University, aspiring to become an oncology physician assistant. He attributes his growth to Boise State University’s empowering academic environment.

Master of Social Work

Maggie Butler headshot.Maggie Butler

Maggie Butler, a Master of Social Work graduate, appreciates the online program’s flexibility, which allowed her to balance family commitments, volunteering, and social engagements. Her advice to future students comes from her own experiences — urging a thoughtful consideration of long-term goals while appreciating the importance of taking each day as it comes.

Michael Graham holds a dog and smiles.

Michael Graham

Michael Graham earns his Master of Social Work and much praise from faculty. Originally from Michigan, he enjoys spending quality time outdoors with his wife and two daughters and playing board games and music. Managing multiple obligations, Michael values Boise State’s flexible education and the enriching academic depth that supported his social work career aspirations.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies

Jana Straubhar

Jana Straubhar, Vice President of Human Resources at U.S. Ecology, Inc., fulfilled a lifelong ambition, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies and a leadership certificate. After a 43-year journey, she attributes her success to her professors, advisors and success coaches. As a fourth-generation Idahoan, Jana urges online students to forge virtual communities, emphasizing engagement for a rewarding learning experience.

Master of Science in Accountancy

Sierra Willis pictured with her family with fall foliage in the background.

Sierra Willis

Sierra Willis balanced roles as an employee, mother and wife while working towards graduation from the online Master of Science in Accountancy program. Although Sierra has diverse professional experiences and interests, from photography to pastoral ministry, this degree allowed her to advance in her career. Her journey is marked by supportive professors and family, enabling her achievements and reaching the graduation finish line.

Natalie Grace headshot.

Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace proudly achieved her master’s in accountancy from Boise State Online, crediting family, friends and dedicated professors for their unwavering support. Launching her career in public accounting and securing her CPA license during her studies, Natalie advocates setting ambitious goals and crafting thorough plans for success.

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications

Emily Neufeld headshot.

Emily Neufeld

Emily Neufeld is achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications and Certificates in Innovation and Design, Content Production and Creative Influence. She found flexibility and freedom in Boise State Online education, completing her undergraduate degree and certificates in just three and a half years. Emily is grateful to her family for cheering her on and is excited to begin her marketing career!

Odalis Ocampo

Odalis Ocampo earns a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Strategic Communications and a minor in +Business. Along with these accomplishments, Odalis has earned many certificates, and as a first-generation graduate, she is proud to achieve another one of her higher education goals. Her positive experience at Boise State University could not have been accomplished without the support of family, advisors, professors and employers.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Innovation and Design

Makayla Hansen

Makayla Hansen, a Boise State athlete graduating in digital innovation and design, emphasizes the positive influence of professors, peers, family and the athletic department on her academic journey. Hoping to merge her passion for volleyball with a career in graphic design, Makayla stands ready for her next chapter, thanks to her experience at Boise State.

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