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Which is right for you? Comparing traditional vs. online MBA programs

During the global pandemic, 98% of colleges and universities moved to remote classes to facilitate social distancing.

Now that higher education institutions have returned to normal, the decision to earn a Master of Business Administration online or in person is again relevant.

There are several pros and cons to earning the degree in a traditional classroom versus a distance learning format, such as Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration.

While some of the differences between the two paths are more important than others, determining the best learning option boils down to personal preference. So, which one is right for you?

Five Reasons to Earn An Online MBA From Boise State

  1. Save money: Boise State’s Online MBA offers affordable tuition rates, financial aid and scholarships. Additionally, all books and materials are included in your tuition price. Plus, you save money by avoiding a commute to campus and a parking pass.
  2. Save time: With its asynchronous style, earning an online MBA allows you to plan school work around your busy schedule and learn at your own pace by taking as many or few courses at a time as you’d like. An online MBA also has a quicker time-to-completion (some of our students complete in a few as 12 months) than most traditional programs.
  3. Greater access: Access your courses and textbooks 24/7, wherever you are. With six starts a year and 7-week courses, Boise State’s convenient online format is designed specifically to suit busy schedules.
  4. Opportunities for collaboration: By earning an Online MBA, you have more opportunities to gain knowledge from industry professionals and instructors nationwide. Their diverse knowledge and expertise enhance your learning and grows your network.
  5. Relevance and customization: Boise State’s Online MBA prepares you for strategic business leadership and collaborative decision-making. In addition to a general MBA, you can choose from seven areas of emphasis to customize your learning: management, healthcare leadership, construction management, marketing leadership, finance, business analytics or cyber operations.
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Five Reasons to Earn Your MBA On Campus

  1. Less digital dependency: Sometimes technology fails us. It happens. When it does or when you might have no internet access, you may have to pause schoolwork at inopportune moments as an online student. Classroom learning never goes offline.
  2. In-person interaction: The human element is the biggest difference between online and in-person learning. No matter how good the online experience is, it’s not the same as being in a room with an instructor or classmates. That personal touch goes a long way toward a successful learning process for some students.
  3. Less self-motivation required: Especially with the accelerated pace of an online format, staying on top of your studies is crucial. Motivating yourself to do schoolwork can be tricky. The familiarity of a classroom setting offers structure and accountability.
  4. Networking in-person: One of the most important elements of business is networking. Although you can network online, there are advantages to having a face-to-face conversation.
  5. No feelings of isolation: Learning online might be collaborative, but it can also be lonely in terms of not being around other people. The social aspect of being a college student may be more important than the convenience of an online degree.

Next Steps

Earning an MBA online or in person — the decision is yours. But if you need help or have more questions, contact one of our student success coaches. No sales pitch, just honest help as you decide which MBA option is best for you.

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