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Boise State University reveals plans for public health degree with integrated certifications

Significant enhancements are coming to Boise State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Public Health. Designed for adult students committed to keeping their skills relevant and actionable, the program’s new structure will integrate four new online certificates seamlessly into the academic journey. Students can earn these valuable certificates without adding additional credits to their bachelor’s curriculum.

Certificate in Foundations of Public Health Practice
This certificate offers a thorough exploration of environmental health, policy, prevention programming, health services administration and contemporary public health issues. Students gain insights into protecting human health, navigating policy challenges and addressing evolving health threats.

Certificate in Health and Human Behavior
Providing a holistic overview of health and wellness, this certificate covers general concepts related to the human body, determinants of health and evidence-based health interventions. Students explore the social, environmental and cultural influences on health.

Certificate in Evidence-Based Public Health
Focused on advanced study in prevention strategies, this certificate emphasizes coalition development, community-based prevention and health promotion assessment and evaluation. Students gain skills to systematically improve and account for public health actions.

Certificate in Community-Driven Health Solutions
This certificate empowers students to assess and address public health needs across diverse settings. It emphasizes community assessment, health communication theories and collaborative strategies for social change.

Addressing Industry Demands

The demands of the public health sector require a proactive and agile approach to education. Boise State’s online Bachelor of Arts in Public Health ensures that graduates are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of public health analysis, quantitative literacy, collaboration, catalyst thinking and resilience — essential skills for today’s job market.

The incorporation of certifications directly aligns with industry needs, allowing students to address immediate skill gaps while progressing toward a comprehensive degree. The program is designed to connect the history, philosophy and core concepts of public health to current issues, ensuring that students gain insights immediately applicable in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape and local communities.

Cost-Effective Education

Boise State University understands the importance of providing quality education at an affordable cost. The low cost-per-credit rate ensures students receive value in their academic investment and professional future. This commitment to affordability makes quality education accessible to a diverse range of individuals, further emphasizing the university’s dedication to community welfare. Additionally, the fully online and asynchronous courses offer flexibility, allowing students to balance their education with other commitments on their schedule, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Empowering Students for Meaningful Careers

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Health actively prepares graduates to become future public health professionals and advocates for community health and wellness. The program’s focus on practical application skills, effective communication and leadership development ensures that graduates are not only equipped with knowledge but are ready to actively engage in addressing public health challenges.

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