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Tailor your advanced online degree with seven MBA specializations or standard option

Boise State University’s Online Master of Business Administration lays the groundwork to advance your career through strategic business leadership and collaborative decision-making.

Designed for professionals with two or more years of management experience, the Online MBA coursework strengthens your business foundations, building on your depth of experience in a particular field by adding breadth of learning in business and management.

By gaining applicable skills with a people-centered approach to business, you will acquire long-term value for yourself, your organization, customers, employees and the community through Boise State.

The program also allows you to match your interests by choosing a general Online MBA or one of seven relevant Online MBA specializations — business analytics, construction management, cyber operations, finance, healthcare, management or marketing leadership – to align with your career path. These Online MBA specializations expand your skill set with focused classes in that area in addition to the general MBA coursework.

Which MBA Specialization is Best For You?

These seven emphasis areas take your learning to the next level by providing specialized, industry-specific knowledge around terminology, revenue cycles and business processes:

  • Business Analytics: With a focus on data, the language of the future, you will become fluent in analytics and build your confidence in providing a thorough analysis to your employer for data-driven results. You will also enhance your knowledge for a rapidly changing landscape.
  • Construction Management: Advance your business expertise in architecture, engineering or construction by developing effective strategies to manage construction projects and motivate teams from the planning stage to execution.
  • Cyber Operations: Enhance your problem-solving skills and implement effective solutions by acquiring essential knowledge in systems, lateral thinking, and resilience within the realm of cybersecurity. Additionally, you’ll develop the ability to design robust systems and networks capable of confronting and recovering from cyber-attacks.
  • Finance: Grow your knowledge of analytics, financial markets, investments and modeling using hands-on tools to analyze markets and examine current issues in the finance industry. You will also explore investment management in global security markets through academic theories, evidence and practical application.
  • Healthcare Leadership: Develop core management and decision-making skills by designing, communicating and implementing patient-focused solutions to improve healthcare businesses. You will also examine current industry issues in healthcare policy and the impact they have on cost, quality and access to care.
  • Management: Enhance your communication and managerial skills to increase your marketability for leadership roles by learning to apply successful management techniques. This specialization also offers versatility for an array of career options.
  • Marketing Leadership: Master the tools of digital marketing by learning to work across organizational teams to integrate marketing, strategy, data analysis and product development. You will learn best practices for brand stewardship and internal and external communications management while managing multiple products and services.

No matter which of the Online MBA specializations you choose, Boise State recognizes that the higher you progress in an organization, the more you will rely on motivating and interacting with others around you to further the goals of your organization and meet the needs of your customers and staff. Our Online MBA specializations expand your ability to connect with the people in your industry.

Two MBA students brainstorm on a whiteboard
Photo by Cassidy Latimer, Boise State University

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