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What can you do with a public health degree?

Earning a degree in public health gives you the ability to focus on developing essential skills to promote health equity and wellness that go beyond the clinical setting by enhancing your collaborative leadership abilities.

Boise State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Public Health is designed to give you the knowledge to promote positive social change as an engaged and educated professional who can address community health-related challenges.

The degree also helps create opportunities for numerous possible job outcomes in your public health career. You will gain hands-on experience and network with other online learners across the country in the program with the flexibility of online learning.

The degree prepares you to find roles in a traditional public health career in service-focused organizations, along with new practice settings and numerous nonprofit organizations.

You will also gain the ability to apply critical thinking, communication and analytical skills to implement public health programs and follow ethical and legal best practices.

The public health field is a vast umbrella that covers several areas of study. Some potential career options for Bachelor of Arts in Public

Health degree in arts holders include:

  • Community-based services professional
  • Community service manager
  • Health coach
  • Health educator
  • Outreach specialist
  • Program coordinator or manager
  • Public health preparedness coordinator
  • Research coordinator

The in-demand field of public health continues to expand with 7% job growth projected from 2022-2032. The median salary for the field is $62,860 annually or $30.22 hourly.

Viable skills

The online Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program at Boise State offers an integrated experience by incorporating four public health certificates into the curriculum to increase your knowledge and marketability. The certificates, which are also available without pursuing a degree, are:

  • Community-driven health solutions: Learn and develop community assessment, health communication theories and collaborative strategies to make social change and a meaningful impact on community health improvement.
  • Health and human behavior: Discover the elements of the human body that lead to determinants of health and evidence-based health interventions. Incorporate real-time strategies to analyze health threats.
  • Evidence-based public health: Apply evidence-based decision-making and effective public health action by emphasizing coalition development and community-based prevention.
  • Foundations of public health practice: Gain knowledge about protecting human health, navigating policy and legal challenges, designing interventions and addressing evolving health threats.

The curriculum also explores issues that affect populations of people and develops your analytical, critical thinking and communication skills. It will also empower you to become an effective health professional by promoting wellness and encouraging health behaviors for healthier communities.

By earning a bachelor’s degree of arts in public health at Boise State University, you will receive a rigorous education that prepares you to serve and advance the health and welfare of your communities as an engaged and educated professional. You will also gain the agility to adjust to future public health career needs.

Want to learn more about earning a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health?

Ninety-five percent of students in the online Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program during the 2022-23 school year said they would encourage others to attend Boise State. Join us for an online information session or connect with a student success coach to learn more about a public health career.

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