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Is a master’s in accounting worth it?

The accounting profession continues to be a steady and lucrative way to earn a living. There are opportunities for accountants in every sector of the business economy, including government, large and small companies and non-profit organizations.

Boise State University’s Online Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) gives you the opportunity to make the most of your potential by boosting your financial analysis, business development, critical thinking and analytical skills while preparing to take the CPA exam.

You will lay the groundwork for long-term professional advancement with a curriculum that delves deeply into information relevant to your career. The program has a history of success with consistently high CPA pass rates exceeding national averages.

The accounting online program also has Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, which places it in the top tier of accountancy programs worldwide.

The Department of Accountancy is also a member of the Federation of Schools of Accountancy, which encourages continual development of high-quality, professional programs, assuring you of a purposeful and rigorous education.

Another degree pathway for accounting online programs

For students who do not have an undergraduate degree in accountancy, Boise State also offers an Online Master of Science in Accountancy, Foundations, option.

Previously, students admitted to the online MSA were required to have taken six specific upper-division courses.

Those six courses are common in undergraduate accountancy programs, but applicants from related fields had to take the prerequisites at other institutions or as undergraduate students at Boise State. Now, you can enter a graduate accounting online program that begins with these prerequisites.

By earning an MSA, you will qualify for some of the top jobs in the accountancy field that often require an advanced degree. Those roles include:

  • Accounting manager: Develops, tests and evaluates new systems for validating and reporting financial information. Some accounting managers also prepare budget reports and assist with new employee on-boarding.
  • Corporate controller: Manages an organization’s financial and accounting operations, including billing, accounts and budgeting. A corporate controller will likely manage a team of personnel and could assist in filing reports with the Securities and Exchanges Commission.
  • Finance manager: Oversees an organization’s departmental budgets and analyzes market data to make forecasts for financial decision-making.
  • Financial controller: Similar to a finance manager, a financial controller usually reports directly to the corporate controller or CFO of a company.
  • Senior accountant: Leads an organization’s accounting department, manages employer finances and ensures all company statements and reports are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Senior auditor: Analyzes an organization’s financial records and transactions to ensure finances are accurate and compliant with applicable tax regulations. Senior auditors typically manage staff auditors and other subordinates.
  • Senior financial analyst: Analyzes data and calculates risk to complete projects and makes financial decisions for an organization. Senior financial analysts sometimes perform human resource-type duties by screening, hiring and training new employees.
  • Tax accountant: Prepares and files tax documents for individuals or organizations and also explains complex financial matters to clients. Tax accountants must have a firm understanding of state and federal tax regulations.

Along with the quality and value of Boise State’s online MSA, you will have the agility to learn as you continue to gain real-world experience. You will also add to higher earning potential for your current role. The median pay for accountants and auditors was $79,880 in 2023.

Plus, you will benefit from a curriculum that adapts and adjusts as industry standards, best practices and content knowledge continually advance in the field.

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