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COBE MBA Professor awarded “Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year” 2024

May 21, 2024 | by Ally Daniels and Rachel Bagnard

Who is Ben Quintana?

Ben Quintana head shot

Ben Quintana is a well-known and respected leader in the Treasure Valley community. Throughout his 20+ year career, he has served in various executive-level leadership and management positions including Chief Culture and People Officer (CHRO) at Northwest Lineman’s College and HR Director of Organizational Effectiveness at St. Luke’s Health System. His work experience is diverse, having worked in private, public and non-profit sectors. His experience includes two terms as an elected official on the Boise City Council.

Transition to Teaching

In November 2021, Ben decided to shake things up professionally and pivot from business leadership to teaching and education. Ben’s personal mission is to teach others how to maximize their potential and create positive change in their own organizations. After starting as an adjunct instructor in the College of Business and Economics (COBE) Online MBA program, word of Ben’s teaching quality soon spread. Within a few years, he became an Adjunct Professor in all four of Boise State’s MBA programs (Career Track, Professional, Online and Executive) where he teaches classes in Leadership, Communication, Strategic HR and Organizational Behavior.

Outside of Boise State, Ben is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops – including the Northwest Human Resource Management Association. He also writes a regular column for the Idaho Business Review focusing on leadership topics.

Continuous learning and improvement aren’t just something Ben encourages for his students – it’s a practice he values himself. Ben is currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational Learning and Leadership at the University of Idaho.

In April 2024, to recognize Ben’s excellence in teaching and impact, he was named as Boise State’s “Adjunct Faculty of the Year”. The award honors adjunct faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching. This includes using evidence-based instructional practices, student engagement techniques to support student success and their engagement with faculty development opportunities.

Impact on Students and the Business Community

Ben’s recognition was the result of an extensive nomination and selection process. Testimonials recognize Ben’s significant impact on the COBE MBA programs and students speak highly of the care he devotes to his classes both as an educator and as a mentor for rising professionals. Here are a few recent student testimonials:

“I cannot praise Ben enough for his exceptional teaching skills… Ben’s unwavering dedication to his students, the community, and everyone he interacts with is truly unparalleled. He is a professor who is genuinely interested in the success and personal growth of each of his students…”

“Ben Quintana was the epitome of the teaching pedagogy of, ‘don’t tell them, show them.’ He showed up to class on the first day in sweats and a baseball cap to elicit the response from us of ‘What is this guy doing? How is he our communications professor?’, to show us that first impressions and how you portray yourself matter. His whole idea for the class was not ‘I am here to grade you,’ but rather ‘I am here to help you improve…”

“Ben’s unwavering belief in our potential and his willingness to push us beyond our comfort zones have been instrumental in our personal and professional development. He invested time in each of us, demonstrating a genuine dedication to our growth.”

In addition to excellent teaching, Ben is generous with his time and feedback. Often meeting with students one-on-one, he maintains connections with students long after a course is over. Students note that his courses are rigorous, but they leave the experience with tangible tools and deliverables they can use on the job.

One of the marquee elements of Ben’s classes is the inclusion of guest speakers. Ben invites 2-5 high-quality guest speakers per course to tie together academic learning with real-world leadership. He takes the extra step to organize and tap into his network for the benefit of his students. With these additions, Ben generously shares his connections and offers insights into executive leadership.

Lead Forward by Giving Back

As evidenced by student testimonials and ratings, Ben is engaged with students and eager to share what he has learned over the course of his career with others. His dedication to his community and to better those around him is evidenced by his motto: “Lead forward by giving back.” One of the many ways he gives back is by helping people become better leaders and communicators through education.

Another key concept that Ben incorporates into his classes is empathy. Like many of Boise State’s MBA students, Ben personally balances work, a young family and is his own personal development pursuing his PhD. He understands first-hand how challenging managing many different competing priorities can be. With that in mind, Ben’s classes are specifically designed with intentionality and applicability.

It was this mindset, along with his commitment to supporting student success, that made Ben an ideal choice for the 2024 “Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year” Award. COBE MBA Programs are proud to celebrate Ben’s accomplishments and thank him for his service to our students.

Connect with Ben Quintana

Ben lives in Boise with his wife Christine, also a Boise State MBA graduate (2005), his son, Carter, and their dog, Cooper (pictured). Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

Ben Quintana with his family

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