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What is the fastest way to earn a degree?

For working adults looking to earn a college degree as quickly as possible, Boise State University’s online degree pathway provides lower-division courses and certificates to meet the requirements for an online associate degree.

With multiple affordable and flexible online degree pathway options, you can ease into your higher education journey or explore multiple subjects while progressing toward your goals. The program also prepares you to move on to your preferred bachelor’s degree program.

As an online degree pathways student, you can:

  • Complete the 40 University Foundations credits required for online programs or apply transfer credits to meet the requirements.
  • Choose a pathway to complete 20 elective credits.
  • Transition into an on-campus or online bachelor’s degree program and finish the remaining 60 credits needed to graduate from Boise State University.

The University Foundations courses prepare you for upper-division and degree-specific coursework, while elective courses give you the freedom to explore your interests while meeting lower-division credit requirements toward a bachelor’s degree.

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Choose your pathway

Once enrolled in the program, you will select a pathways option. Each one is either one or two semesters and includes a certificate and courses that allow you to explore your interests, build your skills and lay the foundation for a bachelor’s degree while staying on track with your academic goals.

Certificate in Applied Computing, Systems and Network

Learn fundamental principles of secure design, computational thinking, cloud computing, python programming and more. This 12-credit option is ideal if you’re new to the cyber field.

Certificate in Business Preparation

Gain the skills to continue to Boise State’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and prepare to take your career to the next level with this 10-credit certificate.

Certificate in Cyber for All

Acquire fundamental cyber defense skills, including the understanding of the implications of good versus bad cyber hygiene with this 12-credit option.

Certificate in IT Support for All

Gain a fundamental knowledge of IT support, networking, infrastructure, operating systems, system administration and best practices to address cyber threats and attacks with this 7-credit certificate.

Certificate in Media Content Management

Focus on digital content management for websites and social media, including basic media production. You will also learn to create, produce and manage content across multiple platforms with this 14-credit certificate.

Certificate in Professional Readiness

Learn essential professional skills to apply to any industry while preparing to either further your education or professional dreams with this 12-credit option.

Certificate in Project Management for All

Gain the knowledge to start, plan and execute projects using both traditional and Agile project management approaches with this 7-credit certificate. You will also learn to meet the challenge of changes, assess risks and manage stakeholders.

Certificate in Resort and Hospitality Management

Acquire the real-world skills, knowledge and tools to become a leader in the recreational and hospitality business with this 17-21-credit option.

Certificate in Social Media Creator

Develop safe social media practices, online content strategy and the practical skills to increase your career readiness. Also, explore how you can benefit from “name, image and likeness” policies, create digital value and learn the essentials of digital storytelling with this 9-credit certificate.

You can also bridge the gap to start one of three of Boise State’s most popular online bachelor’s degrees — medical imaging, business management and project management — with admission requirements based on the number of credits completed, particular foundation courses or a completed associate degree.

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