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High Touch Advising Video

Boise State Online student success coaches and advisors offer individualized coaching, and mentoring of students. Success Coach Thomas Kimble and Advisor Becky Clawson talk about the support they provide from application to graduation.

Video Transcript

We have a student success team and that team is really there to support every student that we serve. They understand each student’s why is unique. Those coaches really do listen to the student and build their support and their plan for that student around their unique circumstances. What works for one student is not going to work for another.

I tell students that I completely understand that sometimes online courses can be scary if they might not even have taken them before, but I let them know that me as a student success coach, your academic advisor, and even your instructors we’re all here to be your resource and to make sure that we are supporting you because we know this can be very different.

I love seeing students start something and finish it and it is really inspiring to see a student, they’re all nervous when they’re first starting a program, and to see them struggle and transform through the process of earning their bachelor’s degree is quite amazing.

Typically, the students that I’m working with are non-traditional students. They’re all working adults most of them have families or partners or spouses as work and they’re adding school back into their life.

Hearing individuals call me, they’re like, l haven’t been in school in 20 years and I’m ready to come back I want to do anything I can to make sure that this program is the right fit for you but also to make sure that they’re extremely happy and that we can get them there.

Often our adult learners feel like there’s only one way to be successful and our coaches can help highlight the fact that their success is unique to them just like their goals are unique to them and what is success to them matters.