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Online Degree Program

Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience

Prepare for a changing world with a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience (uCORe). Become a career-ready cyber professional who can anticipate and manage cyber threats and design resilient systems. Want to learn more? Join us for an online information session.

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Do mission-driven work

You’ve seen the headlines and know that data breaches and cyberattacks are a regular occurrence in our society. We need well-prepared cyber professionals to defend and design resilient systems.

Relevant course content

uCORe equips you with practical knowledge, industry certifications and the skills needed to be a cyber warrior and achieve more in your career.

Customizable, stackable

The uCORe degree is what you make it, with a wide range of course options and credentials to choose from.

Diversified work force

uCORe prepares students to meet employer demands in a variety of ways: working with people, processes and technology to create and increase resilience.

Commended by cyber industry leaders

“Boise State’s curricula is entrenched in a real-world, practical approach which prepares students to meet the challenges of a cyber career head-on. I look forward to introducing Boise State’s first crop of graduates into the companies I advise and support.”
Kim L. Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Ursus Security, LLC

“The key to this powerful new program lies in its ability to develop a focused curriculum that provides needed skill sets that they can use from day one. uCORe is geared to instruct and produce cybersecurity professionals.”
Stanley R. Jarocki, Vice President of MUFG Union Bank

Bachelor's in Cyber Operations and Resilience At A Glance

What Can You Do With a B.S. in Cyber Operations and Resilience?

Between January 2018 and September 2020, there were 562,675 unique job postings that required or preferred a bachelor’s degree with specific cyber-related skills/qualifications in the U.S.

The average cyber worker will eventually earn an estimated at $97K/year (Cyber Feasibility Study, Idaho State Board of Education, 2020).

Possible Careers*:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Information Security Developer
  • IT Security Governance

More About Cyber Careers

* Visit for more career pathway information

How Do I Apply To The Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience Program?

Cyber Operations and Resilience (uCORe) program acceptance is dependent upon admittance to Boise State University.

There are no program admission application costs or additional fees.

How Much Does This Program Cost?

Boise State University’s online programs offer reasonably priced tuition, ongoing support, financial aid options and degree paths that help ensure you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. Depending on how many credits you bring in at the start of the program, costs may vary.

Boise State Undergraduate Admissions Application Fee$50
Courses (36 total credits @ $350 per credit*)$12,600
Books (14 program classes @ estimated $100 per class)$1,400
Approximate Total Investment$14,050
Other potential expenses may include a personal computer, webcam, headphones with mic, and internet access which are all required for this program. Students in the uCORe program will need a computer that meets the following processing requirements: processor (AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5) with at least 16GB memory RAM and 500GB storage space.Varies

More Information About uCORe Costs

What Classes Will I Take?

The online uCORe degree curriculum below shows the courses required for the program. In addition, certain University Foundations courses are required to earn a bachelor’s degree from Boise State. These foundation courses may be met through transfer coursework or will be incorporated into your program of study at Boise State.

Course NumberTitleCredits Hours
CPS 301Information Assurance and Critical Thinking (Cyber Ops Cert)3
CPS 401Defensive Security (Cyber Ops Cert)3
CPS 402Offensive Security (Cyber Ops Cert)3
CPS 403Recovery and Forensics (Cyber Ops Cert)3
CPS 412Foundational Essential for IT Cyber Security Practitioner (CompTIA Security+) (Cyber Ops Cert)3
CPS 411Networking (CompTIA Network+)3
CORE 405Cyber Project Management and Design3
CORE 470Cyber Risk Management (Governance)3
CORE 400/500Cyber Systems Thinking (Essential and CORe Masters)3
Required Courses27
Choose at least three courses from the following (Cyber Essentials):

CORE 421 Cyber Business and Regulatory Operations (Essentials)

CORE 413 Internet of Things Architecture

CORE 420 Cyber Security Operations Center

CORE 401 Cyber Risk Assessment

CORE 422 Cyber Red and Blue Teams

CORE 411 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

CORE 410 Applied Cyber Security Programming
Choose at least one of courses from the following (Cyber Depth):

CORE 450 Cyber Threat Intelligence (Threat Intelligence)

CORE 460 Cyber Resilience Systems Design (Resilience Analyst)
Finishing Foundation (FF)

FF CORE 480 Cyber Capstone

More Information About uCORe Degree Plan

Admitted Students - Schedule Advising

We’re here to help you plan your degree, register for classes each semester and support you through any hurdles you encounter while completing your uCORe degree at Boise State! Follow the calendar link below to book an appointment with your program advisor.

Please do not book an appointment if you have not been officially admitted to this program and assigned to an academic advisor. If you have not been admitted to this program, please contact a student success coach for assistance with admission.

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What can I do with my technical credits?

The Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience program is designed for those who want to leverage their technical credits to get a bachelor’s degree. Your student success coach will help you understand how to use your technical credits.

More Information About the uCORe Degree Plan

Military Friendly

The Boise State uCORe program is well equipped to accommodate military service members. Whether you are active duty, a veteran or a civilian, Boise State Online’s uCORe is here to support you as you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Learn More About Opportunities for Military Broncos

We Bring The Blue To You

Boise State Online students can be found across the nation. Learn more at our interactive Google map.

Need More Information?

We’re here to help! From deciding if an online degree is right for you to figuring out what credits transfer from previous schools, talking to a Student Success Coach is the best place to start.

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Boise State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This means the entire university meets or exceeds criteria for the assessment of institutional quality and is evaluated through a peer-review process. In addition, many academic programs have special accreditation or endorsement. For more information on why accreditation matters, refer to our FAQs.

Boise State Online FAQ

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