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What is a Certificate, Credential, Emphasis or Minor?

Boise State Online offers all of these options as a way to customize and personalize your learning experience. Tailoring your courses and degree to meet your goals is a part of our mission to meet the unique needs of our students.

What is a Certificate?

A certificate is a brief education program, and many are offered through Boise State Online. You can complete a certificate independently or in conjunction with a degree program. Certificate programs include required courses, but they are not degrees. A certificate appears on your official transcript.

What is a Credential?

A credential is typically issued by an authoritative third party and proves your knowledge in a given subject. It demonstrates to your employers that you’re competent, adequately trained, and well prepared. Some Boise State Online courses include credentialing content — so you can earn credits and prepare for a credential all at once.

What is an Emphasis?

An emphasis allows you to focus your studies on a specific subject or area of interest within a degree program. Emphases help align your electives to your learning goals.

What is a Minor?

A minor is a group of classes dedicated to a specific subject matter, and it must be combined with a major/degree program. A minor appears on your official transcript.