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Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience Degree Plan

The Undergraduate Cyber Operations and Resilience (uCORe) program curriculum aims to prepare learners to view and think of systems as holistic models while determining how resiliency can be achieved. uCORe offers the following:

  • Application, not just theory
  • Internship opportunities to build competency
  • Courses taught by cyber industry practitioners

Pathways to Achievement

The asynchronous, online curriculum of the Bachelors in Cyber Operations and Resilience program provides for several achievement modalities:

Start Anywhere

Pathways for high school students (traditional and technical education), community college graduates and working professionals.


Stackable credential pathways for learners to achieve career alignment without the need for long-term program commitments.


Accelerated Bachelors/M.S. curriculum for learners looking to achieve maximum career opportunity in the shortest time frame possible.

Real-world Experience

A curriculum that awards experiential learning credits in an affordable manner.

Classes and Scheduling Options

Interested in earning graduate credits during your undergraduate career?

The accelerated Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience (gCORe) program allows selected undergraduate students to begin their graduate coursework while working towards their bachelor’s degree. The graduate coursework students complete in this program can be used to satisfy requirements in both their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Learn More About The Accelerated Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience Program

Students who are interested in taking gCORe classes but aren’t ready to start the master’s program immediately after receiving their bachelor’s degree should contact the gCORe student success coach.


Boise State maintains authorization to offer online programs in Idaho and beyond. Detailed information about state authorization is available on the eCampus Center website.

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