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Employer Tuition Assistance Programs

Many employers now offer tuition assistance options as an employee benefit. They may help pay for some or all of your education costs. If offered, this benefit a win-win for you and your company, as their investment in your education will often result in advanced skills and knowledge you can apply in the workplace.

Check with your company’s human resource department to see if a tuition assistance program is available and the criteria to qualify. Since a program like this is part of your employer’s benefits package, they are responsible for determining eligibility requirements and the process for qualification.

Some common elements in tuition assistance programs include:

  • Reimbursement: Many employers require you to pay tuition out-of-pocket and then submit paperwork for reimbursement once your semester is complete. Students in this situation often use the Boise State payment plan and/or financial aid to minimize the immediate financial impact.
  • Career relevance: Your employer may require you to demonstrate how your chosen major or class(es) apply to your current or future career path in the company.
  • GPA requirements: Your success in a course may factor into your employer’s eligibility criteria. They want to see that you invested in your learning experience and earned a satisfactory grade.
  • Degree planning: Some employers require a degree plan showing all courses you will take and your graduation date. This may factor into decisions related to your eligibility and/or timeline for advancement. Your academic advisor can help you outline your degree plan and anticipated graduation date.

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