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Video Transcript – Boise State Online MBA Overview Highlights

Earning an MBA should help you advance your career in business. The Boise State Online MBA program is designed for collaboration, an important skill necessary in the workplace, and for immediate applicability. Hear why the Boise State Online MBA program may be right for you from Brian O’Morrow, Director of the Online MBA Program, and Ally Daniels, Associate Director of the Online MBA program.

Video Transcript

[Brian O’Morrow, MBA, Director of Online MBA Program] We’ve really designed each and every class around the needs of the online learner.

The Boise State Online MBA is designed around you

[Brian] The MBA isn’t a degree about the paper that you get. It’s about the education and the way that you can use that, so that’s what we focus on.

You’ll learn from the same faculty that teach on campus

[Brian] All of our faculty in the online program teach essentially the same classes in our live face-to-face MBA programs. The faculty are very engaged and active in the classes, and they also are interested in what you are going to do with the education that they’re giving you.

We understand that reputation and accreditations are everything

[Ally Daniels, MBA, Associate Director of Online MBA Program] We have a very high-quality MBA program that is reputable and AACSB accredited.

[Brian] We’re really a very practical, focused MBA program. We don’t want you to learn theory that you can stand up and write a Ph.D. thesis about, we want you to learn something that you can use on the job.

Multiple convenient start dates and 7-week sessions

[Ally] I think the flexibility of the program is really important. We have seven-week sessions and really you can do a lot in that timeframe, but also you can get through that if you are not a supply chain expert or not a finance expert. That’s okay. You can get through, you can learn a lot and you’re onto the next class before you know it. So that’s the beauty of the program. If you need to stop and take a break, that is built into the program, that flexibility.

With a quick completion time…

[Ally] The program can be completed in as little as 12 months.

[Brian] If you make a promise to put in the work and do the time that you need, we’ll provide the support so that you can get through the program. You’ll be proud of yourself and your family will be proud of you to.

Boise State University College of Business and Economics Online MBA. Visit the Boise State Online MBA homepage or call (208) 426-5921.