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Video Transcript – Boise State Online MBA Overview Highlights

Earning an MBA should help you advance your career in business. The Boise State Online MBA program is designed for collaboration, an important skill necessary in the workplace, and for immediate applicability. Hear why the Boise State Online MBA program may be right for you from Brian O’Morrow, Director of the Online MBA Program, and Ally Daniels, Associate Director of the Online MBA program.

Video Transcript

[Brian O’Morrow, MBA, Director of Online MBA Program] You can’t be involved in business anywhere that you’re not interacting with other people, making decisions in a team basis. Even though it’s online, you’re not isolated. We want you to be part of the class and to learn from each other. Collaborating is a big part of the program.

Boise State’s Online MBA Program is dedicated to making sure you feel connected

[Ally Daniels, MBA, Associate Director of Online MBA Program] I think that students underestimate how accessible faculty are. They’re an email away. Our faculty are one of our greatest assets for the program and they really are anxious to get to know you, anxious to help students and that relationship is something that I think is really key for students who are successful and take that MBA experience to the next level.

We believe in a truly interactive experience that you can take back to your current job every day

[Brian] We do get question a lot about interactivity, the team projects that we have in the program. We think that those are very important because business doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and pretty much any job that you have now, you’re gonna be interacting with lots of different people, especially in a management role.

Practical, applicable, valuable

[Brian] We want you to learn something that you can use on the job, and so we choose faculty members who have that same industry experience and can relate to what you’re going through on the job, and we think that that really adds value to your education.

[Ally] And I really believe that our degree programs teach you to ask the right questions. An MBA doesn’t give you all the answers, but it does teach you how to ask the right questions to get to those solutions that will be a value add for your business.

We designed our courses specifically for online, and for working adults

[Brian] So we’ve really designed each and every class around the needs of the online learner. There’s a lot of advantage that you can gain from the way the assignments are made, the way the information is presented, that’s designed to maximize your experience in the program.

We start with an orientation that ensures you are prepared to be successful in our program

[Ally] So the orientation class helps introduce everyone, get to know each other, and it also has that foundations component, where you will take those four foundations courses, so that you can start and hit the ground running. Those eight-week sessions go really quickly and this allows you to make the most of it with some foundational knowledge that everyone starts out with.

Boise State University College of Business and Economics Online MBA. Visit the Boise State Online MBA homepage or call (208) 426-5921.