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Your Advisors’ Promise

Ally Daniels and Brian O’morrow on advising for the Online MBA program

Video Transcript

As an advisor and the Associate Director of the MBA program, I promise to help students break down barriers that they may perceive, or that there may be there to helping them get their education. At Boise State, we promise to work with you. Whether it’s financial aid, whether it’s working through different veterans benefits, or working with your employer to get to tuitionary reimbursement. There’s a lot of different factors that go into your MBA, and my goal is to help make that whole process easier.

Our online MBA program is successful because we focus on you. My favorite part of the job is actually getting to interact with the students. That’s the reason that we’re here and it’s fun to talk to students in the program and see how they’re using their education, see what’s going on in their personal lives. A lot of people of worried about, how do I fit this into my life? That’s why we’re here… The promise we make to all of our students is if you’re accepted into program it’s because we know you’re capable of doing it. We’ll provide the support so that you can get through the program, and you’ll be proud of yourself, and your family will be proud of you too.

Let me know how I can help you. Let me know what calls we can make. How I can show you how to register, or do anything that you need to do. Because really, I want to be focusing on learning, on school, on furthering your career, not having to handle the procedural parts.