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Video Transcript – Boise State University Military Tuition Assistance and Testing Facilities

Video Transcript

[Narrator]: Boise State University is proud to meet the needs of today’s modern military student. Our military programs provide active-duty guard and reserve members access to the resources they need, whenever and wherever they need them. We connect with military students on the Boise State Campus, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Gowen Field, and online where their service or lives take them outside of Idaho. Our team provides ongoing support, guiding students with personalized advice and information as they work toward graduation. We reduce costs to military students with our new tuition assistance program and our award-winning testing facilities where students can earn college credits by passing national exams. Our commitment to quality in all we do helps reduce barriers and increase access to education for service members. Boise State military programs bring the blue to our men and women in uniform.

[BSU military students]: Boise State brought the blue to me!