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Video Transcript – This is Boise State Online

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to education. You are unique and your education experience should be, too.

At Boise State Online, we help you accomplish your educational goals whatever your life circumstance is. Online education saves time and money. With no out-of-state tuition, online students from all over the world access flexible education wherever they are and whenever they can.

You’re not alone in your educational journey. Our biggest goal is to help you succeed. Boise State Online offers personalized and consistent coaching to help you find the right program to fit your unique needs. Once admitted, you plan your degree path with an advisor who helps you navigate your education and life’s hurdles.

Online courses are thoughtfully developed to engage you. Faculty and designers build meaningful online experiences that bring subjects to life. Students connect and collaborate through online forums, live video discussions and group projects. We create opportunities for you to get a college degree and transform your life.

This is designed for you. This is connection. This is transformative. This is Boise State Online. We bring the blue to you.