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Opportunities for OPWL Students

If you are an OPWL student interested in developing your e-Learning Design and Development skills, ILDLab is for you. As a Lab Member, you will be part of a community of prospective and current Instructional Designers and e-Learning Developers. You will be able to collaborate on different e-Learning design projects and get feedback for your own individual projects. A goal of the ILDLab experience for OPWL students is to provide an opportunity to work on your e-Learning Design Portfolio to showcase your skills and prepare you for a career focused on e-Learning development. Furthermore, you will also be able to participate in design-based research, iterative, design-focused research projects that aim to develop context-specific, “humble” theories of learning and training practices.

Participation requirements

  • Availability of at least 3 hours a week for lab activities, including bi-weekly group meetings;
  • Enrollment in 1 credit of Independent Study;
  • Willingness to engage in creative e-Learning development work and receptiveness to constructive feedback;
  • Prior completion of at least two of the following classes: OPWL523; OPWL525; OPWL527; OPWL551.

Participation benefits

  • Opportunity to develop your e-Learning skills and conduct design-based research in a collaborative environment;
  • Opportunity to receive just-in-time feedback on your e-Learning projects and portfolio;
  • Access to e-Learning development tools, such as Camtasia and Storyline 360, according to project needs.